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10 Drag Queen Gifs that Sum Up Finals Week

Finals week; the time to study-udy-udy and slay your final exams. Whether you’re scrambling last-minute for a big test or putting the final touches on your final presentation, finals week is a stressful time for all. Here’s some feelings you may be having during this crazy week, portrayed by some fabulous drag queens.

1. When you’re two hours into studying and you’re having your fourth mental breakdown of the night.

2. When you finally get to go to bed after a night of cramming

3. When you walk into the room knowing that you’re going to rock that final.

4. When the guy who barely showed up during the quarter is ten minutes late for the final and asks you for a pencil.

5. When your professor says, “This should be easy if you’ve shown up for class and done all the homework and studied”

6. When you actually know the answers to most of the test questions.

7. When your professor tries to get you with a trick question

8. Walking out of that classroom like

9. Knowing that you never have to take that class ever again

10. After the week is done and you just need a drink


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