Why It's Okay To Be Scared

Fear does not let us live. Fear is an activator of our response to an alert or danger that exists in our environment, and this response often consists of fighting or fleeing, in this way we make sure that we are going to stay alive. Fear is then a way of warning that there is a risk and our integrity is in danger. There is a third answer: fear paralyzes us. The way we handle the emotion of fear is not to let all the decisions you make based on fear. Learning to manage fear will help us to have the answers that are just what you want, fear to be a warning, a precaution against something, but not to paralyze you. That between the external stimulus and the emotional response we can generate awareness. Especially during our college years, it is entirely reasonable to feel uneasy and scared to take chances no matter how small or impossible they might seem. 

Free yourself from fear, permit yourself and start creating possibilities instead of waiting for them.

Here are five reasons why fear can help you:

1. Fear shows you the way: I do not mean that you surround yourself with spiders if you fear them. But on a deeper level, our most profound desires often frighten us. And we try to hide them under other responsibilities or preconceived answers that do not help us.

2. Fear teaches you your limits: it shows you where you have to work, what you have to improve. If instead of running away you try to observe the feeling of fear, over time you will lose a little respect and gradually learn to be with him and, ultimately, to endure it. It can teach you many things about yourself.

3. Fear makes you strong: When you do something even though you are afraid, you are immediately stronger. You gain experience. And that will make you feel good.

4. Fear is not created or destroyed; it only transforms: accept that you will always be afraid of something. No matter how hard you work, that you walk towards him, that you expand your comfort zone, during the whole life the fear will be with you, to a greater or lesser extent. Accept and learn to integrate into your life to help you grow. Being aware of this truth is the first step to this.

If it's worth it, it's scary: Anything that is important, that requires effort or that will make you a better person, will scare you. To a certain extent, I would dare to say that without fear there is no growth or learning.

The next time you are afraid, be aware of their presence. Observe what happens in your body: do you have an unpleasant feeling in your chest? Do your hands tremble, your voice? Learn how fear expresses in your body. Learn, too, that it is okay and that you do not need to change it.