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An Undervalued Life

In a world full of constant chaos, being bombarded with daily news reports about terrible deaths and natural catastrophes, it’s necessary always to keep on appreciating what is good with the world. It’s not about seeing something wrong as something good or something catastrophic as something beautiful, looking at the right side of things is something else. I’ll start by explaining just the opposite to what it is. Some people tend to focus only on the negative aspects of life, to think that things are wrong and will continue the same or will get worse, are the pessimistic people. These people seem to have a particular capacity to detect things that go wrong, and when something terrible happens, they focus on that, on the negative, but not to solve the situation but to complain and reinforce their idea of ​​”how bad things are ” The negative is always predominant, it is still essential.

However, things are not white or black, and the worst that can happen to us in our lives is negative. Well, I’m sure someone is saying that there are issues that are black, that there is no turning back, for example, the death of a person we want, a child or our partner. It’s true, there may be situations that are bad, and that’s it. A person who has just died someone dear cannot be said to be optimistic, to look at the right side of what has happened. But it is also true that after the impact and pain of death, for example, we can remember the good times we live with that person or live only in the memory of death and loss. However, when I say that one of the steps to be happy is to look at the right side of things, I am referring to situations and things more every day.

When we look at the right side of things we do not deny the wrong side of what has happened (which is usually seen more automatically), we only see that there can also be a part that we cannot see and that can be positive. And we do not think that everything will be wrong from now on. A fight with your best friend, a delay of the plane that we were going to catch, these can be the moments to solve a conflict that was hidden with your friend.  Every situation can be taken very differently whether that is to even to strengthen your relationship with your friend.


There is a Spanish saying “there is no harm that does not come well.” There are people who, faced with a rupture in a couple’s relationship, insist on not being happy again (even though they were not happy in the dysfunctional relationship) and others who, after a period of mourning longer or shorter, find the new man or woman of their life or learn to enjoy being single with joy. And perhaps the difference between some people and others is in that capacity to see the right side of things.   Look for the positive side of what happens to you, and if you are not capable, and you are one of those people who tend to see the focus on the bad, look at the positive side of that problem you have. Maybe it’s a good time to learn to see things from another point of view, perhaps it’s time to go to a psychologist and learn to be a little happier.


An aspiring journalist from Guatemala!
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