Photography as Exploration

When you think of Washington D.C., many different concepts come to mind. You might think about the U.S. Government, the White House, the Capitol, various monuments or museums. If you’ve had the opportunity to live in D.C. or spend a fair amount of time there, you probably have a different idea of what the city feels like.

I have been lucky enough to call Washington D.C. home for the past four years while attending Catholic University. Many of my classes have been experiential, and often force you downtown, but as I became more immersed in schoolwork I found little time to explore. The summer before my sophomore year of college, I bought a DSLR camera. Photography became my excuse to venture off campus and try new things and witness history by myself and with my friends.

Through my exploration I found D.C. to be a unique place filled with upbeat people and a distinct palate. As an international city drawing people from all parts of the United States, and the world, the possibilities are endless to discover new foods, films, exhibits, and more. Even viewing national monuments and museums, or other heavily trafficked places, through the lens of a camera provides a different perspective on the city each time and place you visit. It also provides the opportunity to grow and practice in the skill of photography. I’ve enjoyed creating photos of how I see the city and hope to convey those feelings through still images.

I encourage anyone, even using a smartphone, to explore and take time away from the daily stresses that life brings and try something new as it’s given me a different perspective on the city and created many fond memories.

For more of my work, see @monalycia_photo on Instagram.