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In 2018, the midterms saw the highest level of youth turnout than any other election period in history. This year, the numbers have skyrocketed. In states such as Colorado, Michigan, and Kansas, youth voter registrations are up by almost 20 to 40%. With over 59% of youth voters confirming their plan to vote, America’s polls will be heavily influenced by young votes. 

Harry Styles partnered with the organization HeadCount, to encourage the 18-30 year old demographic to register and vote. HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that focuses on reaching young people at places such as concerts and online platforms and helping them register to vote. Artists pair with HeadCount which, in turn, allows them to host voter registration drives at concerts and online that specifically target the artist’s fan base. Harry, in partnership with HeadCount, ran a sweepstake called “Good to Vote.” By registering to vote, or even checking registration status through HeadCount, fans were entered into the sweepstake. The winner of “Good to Vote” was awarded tickets, and travel costs to the “Harryween” show on October 31st at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

Harry’s initiative had incredible results. Within the first 24 hours of the sweepstakes posting over 28,760 fans participated. During the sweepstakes total run time, Harry helped over 54,000 fans register to vote! Despite the end of the initiative, Harry keeps driving his fans to vote through social media, interviews, and interactions with fans at concerts.

Harry, although he is not able to vote in America, has been rather vocal about the nation’s current political state. Harry has commented on many issues, including the overturn of Roe v. Wade, which he stated called for backlash and even uproar. He endorsed Joe Biden and even partnered with the group Everytown for Gun Safety. Back in 2020, Harry tweeted “If I could vote in America, I’d vote with kindness.”

By Harry helping over 54,000 fans to register to vote, the majority of which are 18-30 years old, he has helped to shape the outcomes that we’ll see on Nov. 8th from the polls. Young voters have a high interest in abortion and women’s rights as they head to the polls this November. Other topics that hold a high interest in young voters’ minds are healthcare, the economy, mental health, gun rights, and education. 

Harry’s partnership with HeadCount provided young voters with an incentive his fans just couldn’t pass up. As fans scoot over to the polls it’s presumed that they will vote like Harry, with kindness. 

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