Marlene Giron-Bravo: This Summer's Honorary Blue Devil


Name: Marlene “Ma” Giron-Bravo 

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Major: Biology with a pre-med track, 

Minor: Philosophy, as well as a liberal arts track through the Honors Program

Graduation: 2017


Marlene “Ma” Giron-Bravo is making major strides as she nears the end of her sophomore year. The honorary Blue Devil will be taking on North Carolina this summer for six weeks at Duke University’s Medical School through the SMDEP program. It is not easy getting to where she is today...find out just how she is slowly making her way to the top!



Her Campus: Thank you for doing this interview with me today! So tell me a little bit about yourself?


Marlene: I am so happy you chose me as Campus Celebrity, I’m honored! Well, I’m a sophomore biology major at Catholic. I’m a representative for the biology club and a lab prep assistant for the Microbiology Lab. 


Her Campus: Wow, you must be a very busy person! Now tell me, what do you exactly do as a rep for the bio club and as a lab prep assistant? 


Marlene: So as biology club representative I am required to go to meetings once a month. Whenever we meet up we plan fundraisers and activities for bio students as well as have bake sales. This club is basically a way for faculty members and students to have gatherings, allowing the students to network and get involved. As a lab prep assistant I make media (grow microorganisms), make sure all the proper conditions for the lab are maintained, do inventory for the prep room, insert grades on blackboard and put materials that have been used such as plates into the autoclave to make sure everything is properly cleaned and sterilized. 


Her Campus: Awesome! Do you do any extra-curricular activities that do not involve biology? 


Marlene: Yes! I know it does not seem like it, but biology does not consume my entire life! I am also a pass mentor through the Center of Academic Success, and an OA! 




Her Campus: Seems like you got this college thing down to a science (see what I did there). So tell me more about what your summer is going to look seems like it is  going to be an amazing experience!


Marlene: I will be spending six weeks at Duke University’s Medical School participating in the SMDEP program, doing clinical work during the night, shadowing doctors and taking courses to prepare for the MCAT! 


Her Campus: That sounds like such an amazing opportunity and a great starting point for your career!


Marlene: I am very excited! I applied to a couple of different internships, but really wanted to be accepted into Duke University’s SMDEP program. They have a 2% acceptance rate into their medical school, so I wanted to make connections and hopefully get in when the time comes to go to med school!


Her Campus: It is all about the connections, I wish you all the luck! Being from Puerto Rico, is this your first time spending the summer away from home, have you ever done an internship or had an experience like this before? 


Marlene: I have done a couple of summer programs actually. The program that is most similar to the SMDEP program is the summer program I did at Harvard, it was basically a years worth of classes in seven weeks.

Her Campus: Impressive! What did you do during that summer program?

Marlene: I took an introductory biology class with a lab twice a week and a lecture five days a week, so it consisted of genetics, anatomy, physiology and evolution development. 

Her Campus: What exactly do you want to do in the medical field?

Marlene: My dream is to become a surgeon, but I am not sure what type of surgeon I would want to be. I am also very interested in immunology, so I have some figuring out to do! 

Her Campus: It seems like you are well on your way to one amazing career! Thank you for taking out the time from your busy schedule to do this interview! 

Marlene: No, Thank you, this has been such a fun experience!