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Mariah Lewis ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.

Name: Mariah Lewis

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Greater Philadelphia Area

Relationship Status: Taken

So let’s dive right in, what’s your favorite thing about your boyfriend besides his abs: Nope, nope that’s just about it.

Feelings on your long distance college relationships:  Have a car, it helps a lot. Guilty Pleasure: watching Michael Charpentier’s my stories…

Biggest turn-off: Super sensitivity, I cannot deal.

Comments on being Kalen Backe’s roommate 3 years in a row now: …. I am still waiting for someone to pinch me. Sign the lease they said, she can be fun they said.. THREE YEARS LATER….

Most embarrassing moment at CUA: Begging to be campus cutie.

Pet Peeve: When people see your on the phone and continue to ask you questions… do you have eyes?

Celeb Crush: Mark Wahlberg, obviously.

Best pick-up line: “Oh my God, no way, you were campus cutie too?”

Thoughts on graduating in less than a month:  As my role model Billy Madison once said, “Stay in school as long as you can.”

Plans for next year: Most likely moving to New York.

Can you tell us a little about “Look At Mom Go”; what is it, how did it begin, and what are your goals for it: Look at Mom Go is a movement for mothers with cancer to continue to keep putting one foot in front of the other. For the mothers to know they are strong, and they have so much more than people think to give to this world. Cancer can take away your appetite or hair, but it cannot take away your hope, faith, friendships, love and your will to survive. It is to help moms move forward and be the positive role model their loved ones need to see even in a time of struggle.

My mother had breast cancer twice, open heart surgery, sepsis, and raise four of her own children and took in three others. She has an undeniable will, and does not succumb to speed bumps in her way. Cancer did not define her, but cancer did define her strength. Even through her darkest days she continued to spread her light.

A website is coming out soon!