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“I realized something once,” HerCampus CUA Social Media Coordinator, Molly Mullin, explained during her opening talk. “I would never be able to love someone until I loved myself. That’s why I began taking myself on dates.” Molly then explained that a “solo date” is when you treat yourself in the same way you would a significant other. By knowing yourself, and practicing this form of self-compassion, you will not only grow individually, but also as someone who could be in a prospective relationship. 

A solo date is a great opportunity to discover your own interests and what you want out of a relationship before you enter into one. With this in mind, the women of HerCampus CUA set to work brainstorming what exactly their best solo date would look like. Here we have the results:

  • Hiking through Rock Creek Park then heading to Blue Bottle Coffee shop for a special drink after is one of my favorite solo date memories. ~ Sara
  • Taking a trip on the metro to Eastern Market and getting a freshly made cannoli and some lemonade is always a special treat. ~ Jordan 
  • Exploring the city of DC in an attempt to find a good bagel shop is on my bucket list. ~ Grace
  • Sightseeing around the National Portrait Gallery and experimenting with the street vendor food of the surrounding area would be so fun! ~ Julia 
  • Biking around the monuments using the Capital Bikeshare program is always something I wanted to try! ~ Maria
  • I’d like to go into the city and, for once, not know where I’m going. I am sure I’ll discover something new! ~ Molly
  • Scootering is a great activity around the monuments. It’s also the perfect place to people watch. ~ Sara
  • I’ve always wanted to go to the Arboretum. It looks so cool in pictures! ~ Kathleen
  • A video game cafe is on my list. I think they are so unique. ~ Shaniya 
  • Any park where I can find a lot of dogs is my happy place. ~ Fernando 
  • Taking a day to myself to explore the museums sounds like a great solo date! ~ Caroline 
  • I’d like to be a tourist for the day. Perhaps even watch the planes fly over me at Gravelly Point! ~ Linda

Whether it’s a few hours spent alone or an entire weekend getaway, taking the time to figure out one’s own interests is crucial in forming a relationship with yourself and with others. This specific discussion was one of self-reflection that got many of those present thinking about their own needs and how they can achieve them without a significant other or dependent friendships. Even when in a relationship, this form of self-care is crucial in maintaining a healthy independence of self. With Washington, D.C. just waiting outside our doors, there is no excuse not to try a solo date. 

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