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HerCampus CUA Summer Bucket Lists in an Unpredictable Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.

We do not know what this summer will bring or what it will look like, and some of us are still unsure of what we will wear. But the CUA Her Campus ladies know that despite a global pandemic, there are several constants to the summer that we simply cannot give up: sun, sand, and singing Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. Our recent Sani-TEA chat led to a discussion about summer bucket list goals from several members of the organization.

Maria Duffy

Maria Duffy noted that her first and foremost goal is to have a bonfire with her friends. This would most likely happen on a camping trip at some point, which is another of her Summer 2021 goals.  Maria notes that with good friends around, anything can be a fun time, including watching the sunset from a cliff in her hometown in Minnesota. After that, they’ll hit the road: “late night drives with your best friends are the best feelings. I cannot wait to have a car again, especially after spending all semester in D.C.”

Molly Mullin

While Maria may be hoping to escape the city, Molly Mullin will be sticking around for a time. As a job opportunity has leashed her to the Capitol for the month of June, she has made it her goal to do some more city exploring before heading home for the summer. She’ll most likely be carrying her Polaroid camera around, as one of her Summer 2021 Bucket List goals is to take more Polaroid pictures for safekeeping. Once D.C. sets her free, Molly is determined to make it to Cape May, New Jersey, a historically-preserved, beachfront town with all the charm and sophistication you could need. Here, Molly plans to spend the summer biking more often and splurging on ice cream.

Izzie Boehing

Like Molly, Izzie Boehing plans to spend her summer working, and saving money is certainly a part of her bucket list goals. On a more lively note, her plans to hang with her sister are looking very promising as both have gained a stronger appreciation for the beach.

Mira Bisesi

Mira Bisesi also is reminiscent for the sun and sand. While she will be working a summer job, she hopes to get to the beach much more often to soak up some sun and perhaps gain inspiration for her short films. That’s right. Mira, along with her friend, has vowed to create short films, music, and art throughout the summer as a part of her bucket list. Though she said she is just “experimenting” and is unsure of where this will take her, she is excited to finally see her creative project through.

Kat Kaderabek

Speaking of creative projects, Editor-in-Chief Kat Kaderabek also has lofty goals for her passion project. She hopes to finish her manuscript for her second novel by the end of the summer, all while juggling a full-time internship and spending weekends at the beach with friends. This summer she also hopes to explore several wineries and even attend a classic drive-in movie theater in an effort to romanticize her life amidst a global pandemic.

With unpredictability a constant in our lives, the Her Campus CUA team remains committed to a positive mindset and achieving our goals while also enjoying the little treasures in life, especially in the summer.