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Habitat for Humanity Leader by Day, OA for Life


This week’s campus celebrity defines what it means to be a celeb; there are very few people who do not know Danielle Flood (D-Flo for short) and even fewer who can compete with this young woman’s involvement track record. As she inches closer and closer to graduation, Her Campus CUA got a chance to sit down with her before she bids us farewell and just before her Spring Break trip (and she’s not headed to the Bahamas!)

Name: Danielle Flood

Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ

Major: Social Work

Minor: Psychology

Graduating Class: 2015


Hi D-Flo! Thanks for sitting down with us. Could you please share with us some of your involvements at CUA?

Sure! Thank you for choosing me! I love Catholic University as a whole, but I have some definite favorite organizations. I absolutely loved being an Orientation Advisor for three years.  (Hey OAs!) (HEY WHAT!) I am also currently on the executive boards for CUA Best Buddies as well as CUA Habitat for Humanity. I have enjoyed every second of being involved with these clubs!

Wow! That is quite an impressive track record. With Spring Break coming up, what do you hope to accomplish with Habitat for Humanity? Can you tell us a little about Habitat?

Habitat for Humanity is an international nonprofit that aims to give families more affordable housing options, especially in areas where poverty is most prevalent. Here at CUA, we’re approaching our biggest event of the year: Spring Break! This year, we’re sending out 75 students and staff to four cities for a week of building, community, and reflection. We’ll be building in Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tacoma. I’m excited to be leading the Tacoma trip!

What are you looking forward to most on your Spring Break trip?

Everything! I can’t wait to be a part of a community of 20 CUA students, most of whom I do not know too well, having a blast across time zones! We have tons of great activities planned for the group, and I’m excited to show everyone what is in store! We have worked so hard to organize these trips, and I cannot wait to see them come together.

I am sure they are excited to see it come together as well. Do you mind sharing with us how you got involved with Habitat?

I was involved with Habitat before CUA as the co-founder of my High School’s chapter. At CUA, I didn’t get involved with Habitat until my junior year, when I spontaneously signed up for a Spring Break trip to Houston, TX. Spending the week siding a house (and, well… going to the rodeo) really solidified my passion for Habitat, and I decided to apply for the board to continue my involvement.

Do you have any advice for getting involved?

With Habitat? Come on a Day Trip! Ask us about Spring Break! Everyone is always excited for new members to join, just put yourself out there!

With clubs in general? Do what you’re interested in and passionate about. Take a leap of faith and try something new. Some of my best friends have stemmed from signing up for an event I never would have seen myself at; confidence is key!

That’s GREAT advice! So what are your plans post-graduation?

I’ll be spending the next year pursuing long-term service; after that, who knows! I hope to continue working within the nonprofit world, and work towards ending social injustices that way.

On a final note D-Flo shares some “Words of Wisdom”:

Every time I leave my apartment in the morning, I scream across the room, “Change the world out there!” While, yes, my roommates probably hate this, it is true! Do something remarkable every day, whether it is small or large. Trust me, people will notice!


Change the World CUA, HCXO.






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