Giovanna Coia: The Girl Next Door


From Miss Teen South Jersey to Greece and beyond, see what lies beyond this girl's gorgeous smile....

Name: Giovanna Coia
Year: Senior
Major: Politics 
Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ.
Relationship Status: Single
Her Campus: Do you have a job or internship?
Giovanna: Yes! I am the press and communications intern for Congressman Steve King.
HC: What are your hobbies?
G: Karaoke, reading, traveling, trying new foods (is eating a hobby??), and talking to strangers 
HC: Favorite Book?
G: Anything by Jodi Picoult is great and I have been loving Mindy Kaling’s books! 
HC: Two words that describe yourself.
G: Underprepared and overenthusiastic.
HC: In 5 years where will you be?
G: Unsure, but hopefully I will be laughing a lot and enjoying my career!
HC: What is your favorite thing about DC?
G: The liveliness! 
HC: What is your best CUA memory?
G: Whenever my best friends are all together there is craziness and dancing and those are my favorite memories!
HC: Celebrity crush?
G: Chris Pine is adorable!
HC: What is your pet peeve?
G: Negative people 
HC: Fun Fact.
G: I play the piano!
HC: Motto
G: (Laughs) Only set the bar low for limbo