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G’Day Mate-Lachlan Johnson

He’s smart, handsome, sassy and has an Australian accent. You haven’t seen him around CUA because he doesn’t even go there. Who is he? He is one of my good friends from my study abroad in Australia and I met him in my COUN109 class. Let me tell you about this guy who made my semester unforgettable-well at least every Wednesday morning.

Name: Lachlan Johnson

Age: 19

Major: Counseling

Year: 1st year. (aww he’s a wee little baby)

Hometown: Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.

Do you have a job: Yes, I work at Woolworths. Also known as Woolies.

Do you live alone: No. I’m sorry Zane.   

Spirit Animal: Platypus. Because you can do the Perry the Platypus noise.

Least Favorite Noise: Typing (how do you do school?)

Favorite form of social media: Snapchat

Are you single: Yes (Buy your tickets ladies!)

Favorite part of Australia: We have great beaches. My favorite beach is Squishy Sand Beach.

Fun Fact: I am addicted to caffeine and I can relate everything back to caffeine and bourbon. (It’s true, just come to our class on Wednesdays!)

What is the point of chicken salt: To season our chips so they aren’t just pure potatoes.

Why do you have fake ketchup: First, it’s tomato sauce and second, it is not fake. It is sauce made from tomatoes. Maybe yours is fake

Do you like vegemite: Yes. It is actually a hangover cure. 

Have you ever had it on a timtam: Yes, it wasn’t that bad. (Yea right, #thegreatrace)

Why are so many slang terms: We shorten words because we couldn’t care less.

What are some slang terms: Woolies (Woolworths), Durries (Smokes), All g (All Good), Mackers (McDonalds)

Do you love americans:  Eh, the ones I have met are quite annoying.

Best drunk story: At schoolies, there is a group called Red Frog. It was 2:30 in the morning and the Red Frogs were supposed to walk us home but we convinced them to go to Mackers and then after they taught us drinking games.

Is it true that you are a kleptomaniac: No, I am an accessory stealing maniac. There is a difference.

What accessories do you normally steal: Sunnies and or hats. Close to 60 sunnies. I give them back but then I take them again.

What is your favorite part of your Coun 109 class: The fact I have to get up at 7:30, Jk none of it. (Ouch :p)

What did you think of RoRo when you met her? Basic white girl. If I was Zane- do you live alone? Just kidding, I would have worded it a lot better. Real talk: I though she was funny because of Zane and then basic white girl. She got more basic with every week.

Well there you go ladies. Better buy your tickets and try and convince this guy that American girls are the way to go! In all seriousness, thank you for making this a great semester for me, Lachlan. I can’t wait to see you at my wedding, seeing as you invited yourself already.

After living in 3 different countries including 3 different states in the USA, it is no surprise that Roisin Gibbons decided to come to the nation's capitol to pursue a career in Social Work at CUA. Whil she did run away to Australia, her love for DC and the HC family brought her back home. Now a semester away from her senior year, Roisin is a HerCampus CUA writer, Co-President of CSWNA, Active Minds Fundraising Chair, and Marketing Chair for NRHH. Along with that, her own blog and volunteer experiences, she finds time to be a fashionista, singer, adventurer, and model for GUS Vintage Goods in California over school breaks. Roisin hopes to make a difference for victims of human trafficking and alcohol and drug addiction as a Social Worker and believes that her work with communities and blogging has put her ahead of the game. 
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