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CAREER TAKEOVER: SBE Career Development

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.

After attending the first Super Cirriculum event of the year: ‘Job Smarter Not Harder’ I was pleasantly surprised by the new direction the Career Development Program has taken. In past years, Super Cirriculms Events were: timely, (sometimes) pointless, and (generally) boring. However, the new and improved events have been time conscience, informative, and engaging. Most recently, at ‘Job Smarter Not Harder’ I learned about all the different jobs there are under my major, and what types of companies fit where. It really made me think about my major in a new light and what I want to do post-graduation. The School of Business and Economics Career Development Program (SBE CDp) is a useful tool business students need to take advantage of. From the interactive Super Curriculum events, to social Mocktails, this program is a luxury for us CUA business students. 


In addition to the events, Career Development offers One-on-One Career Coaching, which is a new, unqiue service provided to seniors and juniors. This unique service is one in which professional career coaches are here to help CUA students with anything from LinkedIn profiles to job-hunting. These professional coaches can cost other people hundreds of dollars, yet is a free service for CUA students. I have learned so much from the Career Development including the importance of networking, how to conduct yourself socially around employers, modules on LinkedIn, and resume building. We are very lucky to have such a program, and there’s so much we can learn from it.

Unfortunately, it’s taken me until senior year to realize the overwhelming guidence CUA provides it’s business students with. While your a freshman, sophomore, and even junior, it can be difficult to picture yourself as an adult in the real world. However, come senior year, you won’t want to wake-up one day and panic. Take advantage of all the ways Career Development can help you, your resume, and your future. For  more information visit: http://business.cua.edu/practical-focus/career-development.cfm 

Upcoming SBE Career Development Events:

  • CEO Lecture Series- John Abbate

Tuesday, October 13th; 5:00pm – 6:30pm; Pryz Great Rooms A & B

  • Senior Mocktail

Tuesday, October 20th; 5:30pm – 7pm; Caldwell Auditorium 

  • Meet U.S. Ambassador of Paraguay and former Olympic athlete, entrepreneur, and filmmaker Marcelo Torcida

Wednesday, October 21st; 5:00pm – 7:00pm; Curley Hall 


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