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Boppin’ around Barcelona

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.

You guys didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?

Hola from Barçelona my favorite her campus readers! It feels like only yesterday I was boarding my flight with my M&M’s in one hand, and my dream in another. However, 4 weeks have already passed, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


My roommate is fellow her campus writer, Sydney (she’s alright) JK, I love her, she’s the best, and she has some serious swerve. However, the shining star in the flat is Señora. Her name is Luisa and she’s everything you’d ever want in a homestay mom. She’s caring, sweet, and kind. She makes my bed everyday (sometimes more depending on my siesta), does my laundry (ironing and everything), cooks all of my food, and so much more. She primarily calls us, “guapas or nenas” (cuties or babies), it’s pretty adorable. When we complain about not wanting to go to class she tells us it’s way to cold (55-60 degrees) and that we absolutely cannot go. She doesn’t speak any English but does an amazing job articulating simply and interpreting whatever we’re trying to say. She has made a difference in my study abroad experience already, I’m so happy I chose homestay and so lucky I was assigned Luisa. 

There’s also a cat named Felipe, who I’d prefer not to talk about. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him but, we coexist. I mean, it is his crib so I suppose he’s been pretty accepting of me. Sometimes we eat breakfast together in silence, but also in respect. 

The Food

I hate to be this basic and say ohh my goddd it’s delicious but, ohh my goddd it’s delicious. Life changing, incredible, delectable are other words I would use to describe it. My favorite type of meal is tapas and my favorite tapas are tortilla and croquettes. 

Tortilla is often called a Spanish omelet, it’s a mix of potatoes and eggs and it cuts like a pie, I’m salivating just writing this. I might go as far to say it’s my favorite food ever. 

Croquettes are small fried little balls with various fillings, typically meat mixed with potatoes, cheese, and cream. You can often find me and Syd singing, “I’m in love with the Cro Cro”, a testament to our love/addiction to them. Typical tapas meals are pictured below: 

Just a side note: I’ve come to the conclusion that no one, in all of Europe, has Celiac disease, is lactose intolerant, or a vegetarian. Everything in this continent is bread, meat, and cheese based.

The Drinks

MOJITOS and SANGRIA, they’re everywhere and unbelievable.

Café con leche (coffee with milk) is something I get multiple times a day. It’s so much better than American coffee because it’s mixed with steamed milk.


School is school. I take five classes, each are an hour and forty minutes, but no classes Friday!! The length was the hardest part to adjust to but now I’m used to it. We don’t get daily homeworks but there are tests, group projects, etc.

I love the university CUA matched with here in Barcelona. My teachers are all from Spain except one who hails from Belgium; although he’s basically a Spaniard considering he has lived here for many years. They’re typical Spaniards, passionate, short-fused yet relaxed, and unfiltered. They’re all fluent, even though English isn’t their first language, occasionally they’ll insert a wrong word here or there, it’s usually pretty funny; they really make me laugh. Here are some direct quotes:

“Be in class like when you make love, mind, body, soul present.”

“I love a project done on a small company, it’s so sexy to me.”

“Go get a carajillo (whisky/ espresso shot), I can’t see you look so tired anymore.” (He really made him go take one downstairs at the bar next door)

“Spaniards have no fuc*ing idea what’s going on.”


As I get older, it’s becoming more and more apparent that travelling is a serious passion of mine. I love it, I feel like sponge just absorbing all the newness. With yoga, another passion of mine, it’s all about being present and in the moment, when I travel I feel like I’m just that. I’m aware, alive, and it feels like authentic living, if that makes sense! 

So far I have been to Girona, Madrid, and this weekend I am going to Seville and Córdoba in Spain. Last weekend I traveled outside of Spain and went to Amsterdam. I am looking forward to all the exciting tips in my future!


I have met so many people, Belgians, Australians, Americans, Germans, the list goes on. It’s so fun to talk to them and hear their impressions about America and compare cultures. Getting to know other people, even if it’s only for a 15-minute conversation has been one of the unexpected highlights. 

That’s all for now, expect to hear from me in a few weeks, I couldn’t stay away from her campus CUA, even if I tried.


GO PATS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes I stayed up until 4:30am to watch the game) 


shout-out to all the her campus ladies for holding down the fort, especially Caroline, you’re doing an amazing job… miss you gals a whole lot.