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We all have times when we feel stressed and overwhelmed, especially while in college. Whether it’s the middle of midterms week or we’re actively stressing out about school work, sometimes we need to escape from the drama of our lives and focus on the drama of a TV show. For me, I find myself craving reality TV shows. As unrealistic as it sounds, I deem watching an episode or two (or binging a whole season) a form of self care. I consider these shows to be my ‘guilty pleasure shows.’ While they’re often unrealistic, dramatic, and sometimes trashy, they always help to distract me from my own stress or drama. 

I have watched numerous different reality TV shows (in all honesty an embarrassing amount of reality TV shows) and I’ve come up with the top four best guilty pleasure shows. 

1. 16 and Pregnant

MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” follows different teenagers as they navigate pregnancy during their formative high school years. While the show has many heartfelt moments, it mostly highlights the drama that accompanies being pregnant while in high school. There’s lots of boyfriend drama, parent drama and basically every type of drama imaginable. In the midst of times when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, this show always helps me take a step back and find moments to laugh and focus on someone else’s drama, rather than my own. 

Where to Stream: Paramount+

2. Teen Mom 2

“Teen Mom 2” is a spin off of “16 and Pregnant.” However, in this show, the camera follows four of the mothers from “16 and Pregnant” after they have their babies and begin life as a mother. In this show, the viewer gets a more in-depth look on each of the mothers and what happens in their day-to-day life. This show is filled with captivating drama, including, cheating, toxic relationships, dropping out of high school, fighting with parents, and even jail time. This show’s drama is captivating and always leaves me wanting to watch more. While both “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2” are fantastic shows, I believe that the emotional drama and character development in “Teen Mom 2” creates an even better reality TV show.

Where to Stream: Netflix, Paramount+

3. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

“KUWTK” is a classic reality TV show that began back in 2007. It follows the famous Kardashian family through their day-to-day lives. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is filled with wealth, fame, and privilege. Their family drama and unrealistic problems are always entertaining. As the show progresses, the drama and their high-end lifestyles change while continuing to captivate viewers. Viewers can’t look away from sisters screaming at one another and petty parents. It’s filled with hilarious quotes and intriguing ‘rich-people’ problems. This show always gives me a laugh and is guaranteed to keep you entertained. There is a reason it has been airing for the past 15 years. 

Where to Stream: Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+

4. Love is Blind

“Love is Blind” first premiered on Netflix in March of 2020. “Love is Blind” was my go-to quarantine show. Now with it’s second season coming out, it remains one of my favorite comfort shows. “Love is Blind”  is a show about finding love with a stranger before actually seeing them. This show is filled with cringey conversations and dramatic fights. Viewers watch as several people propose after only a couple conversations. The show then follows the couples through the drama of starting a life together while they’re still strangers. Overall, it shows how relationships form and flourish, and leaves you feeling satisfied and hopeful. While some of the relationships end in messy break-ups, it still fascinates viewers through the emotional drama and unrealistic way to meet someone. 

Where to Stream: Netflix

While of course, these shows are nowhere near educational or productive, they are certainly entertaining. The next time you need a break from all that’s going on in the world, I recommend taking a break to watch one of these ‘guilty pleasure shows.’ 

Hey! I'm a current Economics student at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.! I love Spotify playlists, hammocking, coffee, and expressing my voice through writing!
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