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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.

Aquinas Hall: Home of the dreaded Philosophy classes you were forced to take


Basilica: Flooding your instagram feed #basilligram and the only reason the Pope visited a small private school no one’s ever heard of


Cherry Blossoms: it wouldn’t be a proper list without mentioning these beauties


Darty: CUA students’ favorite past time


Everyone: knows everyone


F: on a paper, F on an exam, F in a course, it’s happened to us all


Garvey: aka tailgate MVP


Hangovers: in the Pryz


#ItsAGreatDayToBeACard: the hashtag every athletic team uses on game day


Jesus: our Lord, our savior, our role model


Kane Center: watering hole for the fit


Love: always in the air here at CUA


Monroe Street Market / Murray and Paul’s: the two sides of Brookland, our cherished home


Natty Lite: your true campus love/hate relationship


Opus: CUA dream suite, the sophomore playhouse, most fortified building on campus


Rumors: the bar, the figure of speech- regardless you’ll experience both every weekend


Sporty Theologians: not unusual to see the nuns playing a quick pick-up basketball or Frisbee game

Tuition: a number we can’t keep track of


Unisex dorms: always leave room for the Holy Spirit


Virgins: you decide


Weird Wednesday: we’d make a joke, but don’t want to offend anyone in the trap house…again 


eX’s: can’t escape them


Yom Kippur: not being celebrated here 


Zzz’s: few and far between 


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