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7 Podcasts to Fall in Love With


Stuff Mom Never Told You

Everything from the useful “Libido Liberation” to the horrific but necessary knowledge of “When America Sterilized Women of Color” and “Feminist Witchcraft” this podcast will greatly improve your life as a woman.

My Favorite Murder

If you became hooked on murder mysteries after binge-watching Making a Murderer or listening to Serial, you’ll be obsessed with My Favorite Murder. It’s hosted by 2 comedians who make listening to gruesome murder stories entertaining (as morbid as that sounds). Theyre both so relatable that it feels like you’re sitting with them telling stories. 12/10 must listen.

On the Media

This podcast chronicles recent events with the spin of how the media interprets them. It is very well researched and brings up interesting points regarding happenings that it might be hard to see to the average news viewer.

Stuff You Should Know

Listen to the Platypus episode. Just do it. It will change everything.

Thinking Sideways

Another murder mystery podcast (can you tell that I have an addiction to them yet?) however this one comes from a highly researched angle, wherein the 4 hosts all deliver their different theories from every angle so you really get all the facts. For a really wild Saturday night, listen to both the Stuff you Should Know and Thinking Sideways retelling of crimes (ex. The Sodder Children) to see how they differ.

Black Media Minute

Short enough that you can listen to on a morning commute or between classes, Black Media Minute shows the influence, and exploitations of African Americans in the current media and is especially important and enlightening.

Death, Sex & Money

Fascinating stories about fascinating people that usually go under the radar from mainstream media. Highly recommend last week’s episode featuring Gloria Steinem.  

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