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5 Problems Girls from Florida go through during Winters Away from Home

1) Not having a scraper for ice on your car.

I actually tried using my hands one day and literally 2.3 seconds later was convinced I had frostbite. I had an important meeting to be at and ended up having to take the visor out of my car in order to scrap the ice off.

2) Why is Casper the Ghost staring back at me in the mirror…where is that awesomely tanned skin?

I actually never knew that it was physically possible for me to look paler than newly fallen snow, but hey, you learn something new every day.

3) Why is the word “warm” ever mentioned during the winter months?

Why the hell do people walk outside and say “Oh nice it’s pretty warm out today” when its 35 freaking degrees. That is NOT warm, not even for winter. If it is below 60 degrees outside, it is freezing. End of story. Remove the word warm from your vocabulary.

4) This snow is pretty and all for maybe a week but then you get to thinking: why is it not sand and why are you not on the beach with a strawberry daiquiri in your hand?

Winter can be beautiful for a while, but after a few weeks of it, and after getting pictures from your friends of them constantly tanning or at the beach, you start wondering why you decided to subject yourself to such torturous winters spent slipping on ice and being actually frozen…#firstworldproblems. 

5) And lastly, why do I have to feel like a puffy marshmallow every time I go outside?

Why can’t I just wear shorts and a tank and call it a day? Wearing 7 layers of clothing simply shouldn’t be legal. I feel like a walrus with 18 layers of blubber. 

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