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Your Comprehensive Guide to College Student Discounts and Freebies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

We all know college is expensive. From tuition to iClickers to overpriced iced vanilla lattes (no judgment). Sometimes it feels like you can’t catch a break. Below are some of the best student discounts and freebies you can utilize to make the most of your years in college:

  1. Technology: These days, reliable tech is more important than ever. Take advantage of your student ID with these deals:
  1. Apple – With any purchase of a Mac or iPad, you’ll receive an educational discount and free AirPods.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud – Two years ago, CU Boulder negotiated an Adobe enterprise license agreement that drastically lowered the price of the Creative Cloud Suite. Take advantage of the major discount.
  3. iClicker – Darn those teachers who demand iClickers for participation credit! First and foremost, get the app. However, if you want the physical object to hold in your hand, head to the Norlin Library where they rent them out for free for the semester. 
  4. Computer Problems – Got a virus on your computer? Reach out to the Buff Techs. They’ll remove all the Malware free of charge!
  5. Elevations Credit Union – CU has partnered with Elevations to provide students a place to keep their money for no monthly fee. Every summer, Elevations offers incentives such as a free $200 dropped into your balance the moment you open an account. 

2. Food / Entertainment: We all need our escapes from the day-to-day grind. Luckily for us, companies are more than willing to help. 

  1. Cafe Mexicai: Click here to apply for this delicious Boulder restaurant’s “College Club”. Receive 20% off any time you visit. 
  2. Newspapers: Every CU Boulder student gets a free subscription to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Catch up on the world news or read scathing reviews of new pop albums. Head here for more information. 
  3. Music and Streaming Services: If you don’t know this one by now, get on it! College students get 50% off Spotify plus free Hulu and Showtime.
  4. Amazon Prime: 50% off Prime means free shipping and lots of deals on items students buy. Cue “CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1964…”
  5. Cinemark: In Boulder, there’s no student discount at the movies (shocker). Luckily, all tickets are only $6.25 on Tuesdays! If you’re on a budget, enjoy the new Shang-Chi movie on a weeknight.

3. Transportation: Getting from point A to point B can be incredibly stressful when you don’t have a car on campus. Utilize these perks that you’re likely already paying for.

  1. Bcycle: Download the BCycle app and get free 30 minute rides to your classes. Just don’t ever leave your phone in the basket. Someone will snag up your bike in 10 seconds and you will have to spend 2 hours of your life chasing it from bike basket to bike basket. I sadly speak from experience.
  2. CU NightRide: CU provides free transportation for students from 7 pm-12 am during the fall/spring and 6 pm-12 am in the winter. So, get the Transloc app and enjoy your free Uber.
  3. Bus: Who could forget that students receive a free bus pass when they become a Buff? Most students only ever utilize the pass within city limits and don’t know that the bus system can take them to Denver, DIA, Fort Collins and more. If you need to get out of town, take advantage of what you’re already paying for and ride the bus. ust make sure to bring some headphones. 

4. Athletics: Staying physically healthy is more important than ever! Exercise affordably with these options.

  1. BeFit Pass: CU generously provides a scholarship fund for those who want a BeFit pass but are struggling to fit it into their budget. Click here to see if you might be applicable for a free or discounted pass that enables you to take group fitness classes.
  2. Ikon Pass – For all you skiers and snowboarders out there, the Ikon Pass is extraordinarily discounted for CU students. Head out to the slopes for unforgettable views of Colorado. 

5. Bonus

  1. Sign up for UNiDAYS, an app that confirms you’re a student and provides you with regular discounts on food, makeup, clothes, etc.

As my grandma says, a penny saved is a penny earned, so get the biggest bang for your buck and never settle paying full-price for something you’ve earned a discount on.

Hannah is a freshman at the College of Arts and Sciences. When she's not writing music or reading Jane Austen, she's likely having a Harry Potter movie marathon, hiking up the side of a mountain, or thrifting at Goodwill.