Women's Empowerment As Told by Disney

Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s some inspiration from some powerful Disney girls to help empower you today!

Image // Gify

1. Jasmine

Image // Tumblr

Princess Jasmine killed it with this line and made every girl watching say “yes girl!”

2. Mulan

Image // Gifer

Mulan empowers women by demanding a reason for discrimination and inequality against women. Mulan is the ultimate strong female role model.

3. Moana

Image // Goodreads

Moana showed women all over that they can be more than a princess, they can be a chief of a tribe. Her strong independent personality lets girls be who they are and shows them the can be strong.

4. Elastigirl

Image // Gifer

This iconic line from the Incredibles has empowered girls since it first came out. Representation is so important and Disney was one of the first to make a powerful female superhero that had a good narrative arc.

Great job Disney, you inspire and empower women with lines like these, and you keep getting better. Thank you for reminding women and young girls that they are strong.