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As spooky season is coming to an end, and winter is approaching us, you need to prepare to endure the cold weather.  This article will be your guide to staying stylish and warm from head to toe through all of the snowy winter months.



Starting from the top it’s essential to keep your head covered, especially when you have to walk to class in the snow. This is also an easy way to add a cute element or pop of color to any outfit.

2. Lots of Layers

Something we all struggle with is knowing what to wear when it snows. It’s so cold outside, yet some classrooms will be burning hot and others just kind of chilly. In order to make sure you’re prepared for any weather you endure in and outside the classroom, layering will be your savior.


3. Snow boots

Uggs may be super soft and comfortable, they won’t last in the snow. Going to school in Boulder requires that you walk in a little bit of snow sometimes. For this, you need something that will keep your feet dry, personally, I love Timberlands. There are so many other options of fashionable boots that meet the waterproof criteria as well.

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