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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Snow flurries have began falling in Boulder, contrasting the colorful and crisp Fall leaves scattered around campus. Although it isn’t much, CU Boulder students can just taste winter in the air. The first snowfall of the season reminds us of why going to school in Colorado was such a steallar choice; There is more to do here when the campus is burried under a blanket of snow! As winter approaches, I can’t help but look at why I love CU even more with a little snow on the ground. 

1. Ski Season

Ski season is the best season. Colorado is home to numerous world class ski resorts that are a short drive away from Boulder. CU Boulder students love to ski and snowboard, so its not hard to find friends to hit the slopes with you. Heading up the mountains to gorgeous mountain resorts and charming ski towns like Vail, A-Basin, Copper Mountain, and Winterpark gives the perfect excuse to skip class on a powder day. Count me in. 

2. Campus Covered in Snow

CU Boulder’s campus is beautiful year round. Yet, there is something about campus when the trees dusted in pristine white snow that make you feel some typa’ way. Everything looks so much more stunning. The Flatirons are a sight to see when they are covered in layers of snow. Defiantly instagram worthy. 

3. An (Unlikely) Chance to get Class Cancelled 

Boulder is well equipped to handle snow storms, especially on campus. We can’t say that the administration really cares if there were two feet of snow last night, a campus wide closure due to severe winter weather is rare. If you’re lucky, your professor has a long commute and may cancel a class or two themselves, though! 

4. An Excuse to Stay in 

CU students, like anyone else, love to go out. After a long summer and fall of partying, some of us just can’t keep up. The cold is the perfect excuse to stay in and watch a movie or rest up before a trip up to the mountains for skiing. Who cares about FOMO when you have a glass of hot cocoa and Netflix? 

5. Flagstaff Star 

You know the holidays are coming when the star on Flagstaff gets lit up. You can see it from most points in Boulder. Even better, you can make a trip up to the star at night and see Boulder from a new perspective, all while sitting in the middle of a bunch of lights. Defiantly a tradition you can’t miss out on in Boulder! 

Sko Buffs!