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Winged Eyeliner Is a Snap With This Product

We all know the frustration of getting perfectly even winged liner. One side always comes out amazing and fabulous, and then when you try to match the other one, you end up adding more and more liner to each side hoping for an even look. Some of you may not even bother with wings because they are just so tedious it feels like a waste of time—which I’ve totally done. Knowing this is a huge weight on many makeup user’s shoulders, Ciaté London created a dual-ended eyeliner with one side that gives you a nice wing base with a triangular stamp, and the other has a pinned tip to perfect the wing.

When I first saw this liner I thought it was too good to be true, and in some ways it is but in some ways not so much. 

For users starting out with wings, it can be really helpful to have a nice base that can be touched up, but I found it a little difficult to make sure I stamped the triangles at the same height and angle. However, even if you make them a little uneven, it’s a super easy fix. Using some concealer to touch up the wings only takes seconds, and then you’re good to go! 

I had never seen anything like this product, and I thought it was a great solution to all of our winged-eyeliner issues. I thought it was a great thing to try out, and I definitely recommend it for makeup users of all levels!

The eyeliner is super dark and super pigmented which is awesome if you have a good amount of eyeshadow on. Sure, I can talk all day about the pros and cons of this liner, but I thought showing you might help you create your opinion a little better! 

First, you start out with the stamp. As you can see, it creates a really nice triangle, which can definitely be the hardest part about starting a wing.

Next, you use the other end of the liner to create a nice point, and drag the liner closer to the inner corner of your eye. It was super easy and definitely efficient. And look at how pigmented it is!

And that’s it! I just put on some mascara and i was all done. It was really easy to use and despite a few touch-ups I had to make on the other side, it was definitely faster than any other wing I’ve done. ​

Here’s some more pictures of the finished look. 10/10 would recommend trying it out! Happy lining girls. 

Morgan Keegan

CU Boulder '20

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