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Conan Gray is an iconic singer and 24 year old songwriter that was raised in Georgetown, Texas but now lives in Los Angeles. Everyone has probably heard his music, whether they know it or not, and he only continues to grow. Some of his popular songs include “Heather”, “Maniac” and “People Watching.” He might also be recognized by his YouTube channel, which is full of videos dating back 10 years. He continuously uploaded a variety of content including challenges, vlogs, Q&As, and covers of different songs up until three years ago. Since then, he has made countless connections through his relatable and funny interviews. His sarcastic and somewhat dry sense of humor truly encapsulates the essence of Gen Z. 

His songs are filled with meaningful lyrics he writes himself and which hit you in the heart. The genre that he has been placed into is pop/indie pop but his voice carries more depth than that. What makes him the most relatable to me, though, is the fact that the majority of his songs are about going through a terrible heartbreak but he has yet to be in a full blown relationship. When asked if he was getting over a big breakup while writing his songs he said, “I’ve never dated anyone. So really I’m just a liar.”

Having never been in a relationship myself, and still finding myself scream-singing in my car to his lyrics as though I have gone through the worst relationships possible, I find it very comforting. His song “Yours” in particular speaks about being there for the one you love and wanting more but knowing that you will never get to love them the way you want. He did not need to attack me with that one. 

He also writes about his family and friends. His song “Family Line” unveils details about his-less-than pleasant home life growing up. He also speaks on the negative traits that he has gained from his parents and touches on how it is hard to run away from what has been instilled in you. His lyrics highlight intense topics, such as his mother being abused, a general fear of being left behind, and attempts to undo all the trauma of his youth. His gut-wrenching music really touches those who relate and makes them feel seen. 

Another song of his that hits hard and is probably one of his more “truthful” songs is “People Watching.” It depicts a story of living through other people’s lives and wanting to feel that deep connection with someone. The lyric “I cut people out, like tags on my clothing… I end up all alone, but I still keep hoping” really shows how sometimes you are doing it to yourself and I can relate to so much. I am the one who chooses to not get with the people who actually do want me. It implies a sense of self-preservation that I identify with more than I should.

Over the years, Gray has developed his own sound and become a cemented fixture in many lives. I will always stan a man that writes his own music and can evoke such emotion from those that listen. He can have all my money because I will continue buying every vinyl and album that he puts out. I think he deserves all of the recognition that he gets and more.

Ava O'Brien

CU Boulder '27

Ava O'Brien is a freshman and a contributing writer at the Her Campus Chapter of the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is looking forward to writing profiles on different local businesses and covering varying topics included in pop culture while including her own personal thoughts and experiences. Aside from working as a part of Her Campus, Ava is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate. She has loved writing for the majority of her life and enjoyed doing Yearbook in junior high and high school while working as the copy editor in high school. While mainly working on fictional pieces for herself in her free time, she is now looking forward to expanding her knowledge of writing articles and doing profiles on individuals and businesses. Ava is originally from Kansas and loves being able to see the mountains every morning. Traveling is a big passion of hers and she wishes to visit all seven continents in her life. She also loves reading all the romance tropes out there, going to concerts, finding new and exciting activities to do with her friends, spending too much money on her shopping trips, and hyper fixating on whatever her hobby of the week is.