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Why ‘The Bold Type’ Should Be Your Next Binge

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Have you already exhausted the “Bridgerton” binge and are scrolling through every streaming platform you own to find another TV show to fall in love with? Because, same. Well… yesterday me would say that. I was told my next TV show binge should be “The Bold Type”, and this show actually makes me want to get off the couch and do something with my life. 

Taking place in the City of Dreams, a group of young 20-somethings navigate life as staffers at a worldwide women’s magazine called “Scarlet”. Are you getting Her Campus vibes? I am. Jane Sloan is a reporter who finds herself wanting more than just fashion columns, Sutton Brady dreams of joining the fashion department even though she couldn’t afford to attend fashion school, and Kat Eddison is your badass social media queen. Want to be like Andrea in the “Devil Wears Prada” one day? Well, this show is for you. 

If you aren’t sold yet, here are some more reasons why you should stop what you are doing right now (well right after you finish this article of course) and watch this show.

It’s realistic.

There are so many TV shows out there that teach women that you can achieve anything you want as long as you work hard. Yes, you can achieve great things by working your butt off, but this show also shows the hardships in life. You see this with the character Jane. Without spoiling anything, she has her highs and her lows and has to find ways to navigate the hard life of a reporter.

It will make you want to apply for jobs immediately.

I applied for 12 jobs while watching the first three episodes (hello POPSUGAR, if you are reading this, please read my application). I have always wanted to work for a magazine out of college and I can confidently say I am living vicariously through these three characters. But, it has also made me want to work that much harder to get a job where I can write meaningful stories and gossip in a fashion closet. Who’s with me?

It touches on important topics.

From body positivity to LGBTQ+ rights, this show breaks down the wall of discrimination and becomes a platform for inclusivity. I love how empowering this show is to the LGBTQ+ community and people of all cultural backgrounds.

It makes you love being a woman.

If nothing else, this show empowers women. It encourages you to stand up for yourself, ask for that promotion, and don’t fall in the shadows of men.

You can watch “The Bold Type” with a Hulu, YouTube TV, or a Sling TV subscription. Now what are you waiting for? Go watch it!

Kelley is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus CU Boulder. She is currently a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in sports media. In her free time, she likes to workout at her local CrossFit gym, hang out at coffee shops, and explore the mountains.