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Whether you’re planning a hike, working a long shift, or simply lounging with a friend, Boulder-based brand, Bobo’s, has ideal-sized on-the-go oat bars that come in various delicious flavors. To test the versatility and durability of Bobo’s Oat Bars, I brought four flavors with me during spring break as I traveled from Colorado to Illinois. Here are the places I brought my Bobo’s:

The Airport

Hours of nonstop traveling are always stressful, and as a student, I always try to spend the least amount of money on airport meals by packing my own snacks of dried fruit, jerky sticks, and a hearty granola bar. As I was sitting at my gate, I unraveled the Original flavored Bobo’s Oat Bar. I had an upset stomach and didn’t want to try anything too overpowering for the flight, and I definitely made the right decision. The original bar had just the right amount of sweet honey flavor and a wonderfully dense, chewy texture. For a snack with only a handful of ingredients, it was extremely filling and didn’t leave me hungry on the plane. The original flavor was a great blank slate to start from and the flavors just kept getting better!

On a Walk

As my boyfriend and I took an after-dinner sunset walk around the neighborhood, I brought the Dark Chocolate Almond Bobo’s bar to share for dessert. Since the oat bars are two servings per package, they are awesome for sharing with those around you during a small walk or hike, or even just if you’re lounging. We really enjoyed this bar; it was a great balance between sweet from the dark chocolate, and a little bit salty from the almonds. The chewiness of the bar was a really enjoyable texture and a little went a long way after a nice meal. This flavor could also be really wonderful as an on-the-go breakfast for an early shift at work. 

To Movie Night 

The Apple Pie Bobo’s was my oat bar of choice for movie night. While I didn’t necessarily go anywhere with the Bobo’s, it was one of the best snacks in the lineup as I cuddled up and watched silly movies from the comfort of my own home. Just by making a small tear in the package, I could immediately smell a very strong apple-cinnamon scent, reminding me of my grandma’s freshly baked apple pie. Although the aroma is strong, the flavor is not too overpowering and the apple-to-cinnamon balance was quite comforting. Looking back on it, I wish I had warmed up thebar for a few seconds in the microwave and put a little bit of vanilla ice cream on top. I think this would have really elevated the coziness of the cinnamon. 

On my Morning Errands

I woke up early one morning to knock out my weekly errand run but didn’t find myself hungry enough to make an egg sandwich, so I opted for the Cranberry Orange Bobo’s Oat Bar. I ended up giving my mom the other half because I knew she would also love the citrusy sweet flavor it had. In my opinion, the cranberry-to-oat ratio was outstanding; you got at least two to three cranberries in each bite which I think is generous in such a little bar. This Bobo’s had just the right amount of zesty cranberry orange to wake me up and get me started for the day ahead. I think this bar could also be delicious paired with honey or vanilla yogurt for some added protein but it was incredible by itself regardless. 

These four flavors are just a few of the gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo oat bars Bobo’s has in stores. If the regular-sized oat bars are too big of a serving for you, Bobo’s has smaller bite-sized oat cups too. Some of them even come stuffed, as they have a jelly-filled peanut butter oat bite and even an apple pie-filled oat bite if you’re looking for some extra moisture in your bar. Whatever your plans are, or wherever you go, consider bringing a Bobo’s Oat Bar along with you for some fiber, flavor, and fuel for your day.

Jordan Saladino

CU Boulder '24

Jordan is from a small town in the western suburbs of Chicago and is very passionate about the arts and sciences. Her interests include psychology, creating mixed-media artwork, and spending time outdoors.