Where to Get Your Spirit Wear

Get ready to place some orders ladies, school is almost in session! Just because there won’t be a tailgate season doesn’t mean you can’t represent the Buffs. The stores below are my personal go-tos and offer a lot of trendy and unique pieces that you can’t get from the bookstore. 

  1. 1. Hype & Vice

    Hype & Vice is my favorite place to shop because they have really high quality staple pieces. They also started selling face masks for great prices that will pair well with your outfits. 

  2. 2. byGabby

    byGabby is a little bit on the pricier side, but has a HUGE selection of styles that you can customize.

  3. 3. Gameday Bae

    Gameday Bae has a great selection of black & gold accessories to elevate your look.

  4. 4. Lo + Jo Bands

    Lo + Jo Bands doesn’t have the largest CU collection, however they do have cute pieces for holidays like Halloween and Saint Patty’s!

Happy shopping!