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What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

When I was 5-years-old,I yearned for my Prince Charming to whisk me away. I daydreamed about living like “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Snow White,” and “The Little Mermaid.” My eyes remained glued to the TV screen as I twirled around in my princess dress, eagerly watching the prince come to the rescue. I nurtured the hope that someday, I would grow up and find my own Prince Charming.

By the time I reached first grade, those dreams of Prince Charming had faded into the background, replaced by a new passion; becoming an artist. I poured my heart into my artwork and even started my own little business, selling my creations to family members (using pretend money, of course, as I was only seven years old).

As I moved to sixth grade, I had my heart set on a different dream; becoming a teacher, just like my mom. I spent the entire year shadowing a third-grade teacher, and my excitement for this new career path grew by leaps and bounds.

In seventh grade, I veered towards another dream — fashion design. I enlisted my two best friends as trusty assistants and began creating clothes by piecing together fabrics. We even set up our website for our small business.

By my first year of high school, my aspirations shifted once more, this time toward becoming a fashion writer for a magazine. By sophomore year, I had embraced a new passion: comedy writing for a magazine, drawing inspiration from my favorite TV show, “Saturday Night Live.” Simultaneously, I held onto my dream of becoming an activist for women’s rights.

During my sophomore year, I took a bold step by creating an entire video pitch to present myself to Betches Media, a female-founded media and entertainment company. Unfortunately, I was deemed too young for their internship at the time.

Upon applying to college, I chose communication schools to major in journalism and pursue a career as a writer. Along the way, I battled disordered eating, eventually finding solace and healing within the health and wellness community through podcasts. This inspired me to create an Instagram account called “Staying Spiritual,” where I guided girls facing similar struggles. Before my senior year, I interned at a nutrition media company called “Nutritious Life.”

Just a week ago, I made a significant decision. I now aspire to work full-time, return to school, and obtain a master’s in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. As I contemplate my post-graduation plans, I’ve come to a profound realization.

Each of these dreams has led me on a unique journey, shaping a better, more exciting future. However, have any of these dreams been realized yet? No. But what would life be without dreams and goals to aspire to? It’s perfectly acceptable to simultaneously proclaim your passion for women’s rights and your desire to be a comedy writer. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned throughout college, it’s alright not to have everything figured out. My mom found a fulfilling career in her 40s, and my dad has ventured through multiple businesses. What truly matters is having passion and a goal to strive for.

My Prince Charming isn’t coming to rescue me. I am both the prince and the princess, capable of becoming any character in the story as long as I continue to dream.

Taylor Gurtman

CU Boulder '24

Taylor is a senior at CU Boulder and is majoring in journalism. Besides writing articles, Taylor enjoys hiking, listening to podcasts, and laughing with her friends.