What is an Enneagram and How Do I Find Mine?

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It’s been a hot second since I've done a long article, but here we are, back and better than ever. This time, we are getting a little more out of my comfort zone and starting some blog-style posts. Today I want to talk about Enneagrams—what they are, what they mean, how to find yours, and even tell you a little bit about my own. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

  1. 1. What is an Enneagram?

    An enneagram is a type of personality test which tests the ways individuals manage their emotions and how they conceptualize the world. This system categorizes people on a scale of 1-9 based on their answers to questions and helps to identify which types individuals fall under. It can help us understand why individuals act the way they do in different situations. (Learn more).

    I first heard about enneagrams while at a weekend event for my sorority. A girl asked me what my enneagram was and I looked at her like she had 3 heads. I eventually took the test and found it really interesting.

  2. 2. But what do the numbers mean?

    Enneagrams are typed from number 1 through number 9, and they can relate or connect to each other depending on how you answer different questions about different topics, feelings, and situations. Here is a breakdown on what these numbers mean:

  3. 3. Type One

    Type One Enneagrams are also known as The Perfectionist.

    A perfectionist is responsible and seeks to improve the welfare of others and the environment around them.

  4. 4. Type Two

    Type Two Enneagrams are also known as The Giver.

    A giver is someone who is highly empathetic and caring.

  5. 5. Type Three

    The Type Three Enneagram is also known as The Achiever.

    An achiever is someone who is sophisticated and enjoys the nice things in life.

  6. 6. Type Four

    The Type Four Enneagram is also know as The Individualist.

    An Individualist is someone who is unique and strives to find who they truly are.

  7. 7. Type Five

    The Type Five Enneagram is also known as The Investigator.

    An Investigator is someone who likes to think critically and is curious about underlying connections throughout the world.

  8. 8. Type Six

    The Type Six Enneagram is also known as The Loyalist.

    A loyalist is a dedicated individual who wants to find their fit in the world.

  9. 9. Type Seven

    The Type Seven Enneagram is also known as The Enthusiast.

    An Enthusiast is someone who is curious about new experiences and has a brain full of ideas.

  10. 10. Type Eight

    The Type Eight Enneagram is also known as The Challenger. 

    A challenger is someone who is a trailblazer and walks through life with great pride. A challenger is also strongly goal-oriented.

  11. 11. Type Nine

    The Type Nine Enneagram is also known as The Peacemaker.

    A peacemaker is someone who is the mediator of the group.

  12. 12. How to find out which enneagram you are...

    Step 1: Take a test! 

    Here are two free tests you can take to find your enneagram and how it describes you: Truity or Your Enneagram Coach

    Step 2: Reflect

    Take some time to read more about your Enneagram type and how it truly applies to you. This is a good way to help find out why you do what you do and how to maximize your day to day life and into the future.

  13. 13. What’s Michaela’s Enneagram?

    I am a Type 6. The Loyalist. I actually took both the linked tests and received the same Enneagram type with types 4 and 2 being my next highest matches. I think this is really interesting because it allows me to see connections. I often look for security in my life, I like to be authentic and want to help others. These three characteristics not only pull from my personality but also how I want to live my day to day life.

I encourage all of you to see what your enneagram is and reflect on what it means for you. Make sure to check out Erin Roach and her graphics on Instagram—some were featured in this article!

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