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If you like to read weekly horoscopes, have you ever considered learning more than just your Sun sign? It can be part of a self-care routine to take the time to periodically think about yourself, your energy, and what’s next for you. You spend your energy on a hundred little things in your day, and that adds up over time. I like astrology because it makes me think about myself, my energy, and my place in the universe. To me, astrology means that the energy of the people around us and the world in general is changing all the time.

Even though Virgo rules a different house for each of us, the season still has overall impacts on us and on the collective, aka the world. You can get your own birth chart and find out where Virgo is impacting you on many different websites or apps. I prefer to use CHANI but you may have also read about Co–Star. Remember, I am not an astrologer who works with this information professionally, but you are welcome to seek out personalized assistance and learn more about your chart.

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Virgo energy is analytical and giving. Now is the time to dust off your planners and get to work on the routines that make you the best you. Prioritizing your work whether that’s academic, in a job setting, at home with your roommates, or inside your beautiful self is the key to success. Let’s celebrate the beauty in the details, getting organized, and caring well for yourself and others.

Welcome to Beyoncé Season! The Goddess, Ms. Virgo, wants you to succeed in all that you set out to achieve. She wants you to have a plan and get all the details just right. Healing is at the center of her spirit and when things are in order, that’s where the magic of healing energy flows. You can better take care of other people when you are taking care of yourself, too.

This might feel like a big change from the fires of Leo season, just with a different flavor for everyone. Leo calls us all to recognize our best self (the best for you, not for how the world wants you to fit into their boxes) and Virgo says okay, I see your potential, now go out and be that person. Comparing yourself to others will never make you happy, so make sure your own voice is the loudest in your head. You will find the balance for yourself and determine how to be your best you all while working on future you. You just need to listen to that voice.

What or who is preventing you from owning your magic and recognizing your inherent worth? Get rid of it to the extent possible. Your brains, your style, your capabilities, your dreams for the future, these are all precious gifts from the universe and the Goddess wants you to stop hiding and ignoring them.

Is there a Mercury Retrograde coming? Unfortunately, yes. But while the new school year is beginning, you can take advantage of the gifts of communication in this season, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the power that comes from embracing the genuinely amazing person that you are.

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