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Top Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me, you’d prefer a night in with your best girl friends over a fancy dinner date any day. Heels are a pain after an hour, but Netflix, ice-cream, and friends are guaranteed pain-free forever.

Here are some movies to add to your marathon this weekend!

1. Grease

Summer lovin’ never gets old, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also watch “Grease: Live!” online.

2. Stuck in Love

Remember Nat Wolff from the Naked Brothers Band? Yeah, he’s in this, and if that isn’t enough reason to watch, I’m not sure what else to say.

3. Legally Blonde

The ultimate movie for female empowerment.

4. Like Crazy

A hidden gem, and worth the watch. Plus, it was entirely ad-libbed! So, that’s pretty cool.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

J-Law and Bradley Cooper, together? Nothing better.

6. John Tucker Must Die

Way back when, my friends and I dreamt up our own master plans for the boys who broke our hearts in middle school. It doesn’t hurt to reminisce a little.

7. 50 First Dates

An Adam Sandler movie, who could say no?! (But seriously, Drew Barrymore is adorable and steals the show)


8. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ryan Gosling for a whole two hours? Count me in!

9. The Breakfast Club

Eat your breakfast in bed, and take the Buzzfeed quiz to see whether you’re the brain, beauty, jock, rebel or recluse.

10. Titantic

I think Jack could have survived, and so does Kate Winslet. Watch is again and see for yourself.

Caroline grew up on the East Coast, in Maryland, and now calls the Rocky Mountains home. She is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying psychology and creative writing. Out of the lecture hall, she teaches vinyasa yoga at the CU Rec Center, enjoys a vegan lifestyle, acts as Recruitment Officer for Buffs for Reproductive Justice, is a member of Alpha Phi - Beta Gamma. You can find more of her journalism work over at TheTab CU Boulder.
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