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To Bang or not to Bang (No, not like that!)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

I had a really slow transition into bangs. In fact, I’ve had a crazy hair journey over the pandemic. I went from long hair down to my hips with no layers of any kind, to a short shag with full French-girl bangs, and everything in between. Layers to curtain bangs to long full bangs to eyebrow length bangs to above-the-brow. Basically, my front hairs have been all but micro.

Cutting bangs can be really scary! You don’t know if you’ll like them, they take forever to grow out if you don’t, and how do you even know what style of bangs to get? Don’t fret, I’m here to give you the full rundown. Let’s get started with the cons, because that’s really what you’re here for, right?


  1. The constant upkeep.

If you’re a two to three times a year at the salon kind of girl, bangs may not be for you. This, or you’ll have to pick up the scissors about once a month and be your own stylist. For some reason, I didn’t expect this part of bangs. It can be hard to tell how fast your regular hair grows, but there’s nothing like too-long bangs a week after a haircut to humble you. 

  1. Bye-bye night showers!

If you’re a night showerer like I am, be prepared to wake up with Justin Beiber circa-2009 in the morning. This doesn’t happen every time, but of course, it’s always on a rushed morning for me. Now, this one isn’t really a big deal, especially if you use hot tools, but if you’re worried about the styling, this could be something to consider.

  1. Eye contact? I don’t know her.

Similar to #1, if you let your bangs grow too long for too much time, suddenly you can’t see your full field of vision. I didn’t even realize this was a problem until I trimmed my bangs and my roommates told me how good it was to see my eyes.

  1. Forehead acne.

This is probably the most obvious one. And I want to tell you that you may think you can beat it, but you likely cannot. Even with the best skincare routine, by wearing your bangs down most of the time, your skin is coming in contact with many more oils, products and hands than normal, which will lead to some extra acne. To lessen this, I suggest avoiding touching your bangs (much harder than it seems) and avoiding using product in your bangs. These things are difficult to do, so I tend not to worry about the acne since it’s usually covered anyway.

neither pro nor con:

  1. They can change how your face looks.

It’s so strange for me to look at photos without my bangs now. I never thought I looked bad without them, but my face looks so different without them. Your face will also look different with each bang style. A straight across bang will look different than a feathered bang. For this, consult your hairdresser about how to best suit your face.

  1. This is a big change.

Along the same vein as #1, this is a big change. It’s not only in appearance, but also in upkeep, styling, and feel. At this point, I’m used to bangs brushing my face, but it did bother me a bit at first. You will get used to all the changes with time, but that can be difficult to remember in the moment. 


  1. You’ll feel like a brand new person.

Bangs do change how you look and feel, but with a good stylist, you’ll be strutting out of that salon. Sometimes there’s only so much that color and trims can do. That’s when you pull out the big guns and go for the bangs. Change is good, and hair grows back, so taking that risk that might lead to some amazing hair is worth it.

  1. Bangs are the ultimate accessory.

Bangs and hot tools are BFFs. You can change your whole look, regardless of bang cut, with some heat. I love to mix it up between the ‘80s rounded bang and the ‘70s fanned out bang. Both of these are so different and can really complete an outfit. Bangs are a girl’s best friend when it comes to looking extra, which is my favorite way to look.

Overall, the decision to get bangs or not comes down to if you’re willing to take the risk of not liking them. The truth of the matter is that with any new haircut, even if it seems like a small change, you may not like it. That risk is always there. All of the cons that come with bangs are pretty manageable in my opinion, and if you like the look enough, you’ll be willing to deal with them.

Marita is HCCU's president and a senior studying operations management and marketing with a creative technology and design minor. She loves fashion, design and cooking. In her free time, she loves to go on walks and hang out with her bearded dragon, Walter!