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This Is For All the New Jersey Haters Out There

Time and time again I have been told that New Jersey is the most boring state. If not most boring, then ‘one of the worst.’ I don’t disagree. Despite having lived in New Jersey for most of my life, as a state, I honestly cannot say that it is my favorite. It can be dark and cloudy for what seems like months in a row, and the lack of any natural scenery on the horizon gets old. But it would be unfair, for many reasons, to say that it is the most boring, or perhaps one of the worst states out there. 

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New Jersey is disgustingly beautiful and beautifully ratchet. There is something about the bleakness of the environment: subtle rolling hills, tall deciduous trees changing colors, streams and lakes, foreboding dark clouds that create a unique vibe. Yes, it doesn’t have mountains towering over it or Sahara-like dunes, but it is beautiful nonetheless. New Jersey is the best state to drive in, with roads going for hundreds of miles through windy forest roads. 

When you eventually leave the forest, you get to the shore. The Jersey Shore is known all around the world as being one of the grimiest, brightest, drunkest, and most ratchet beaches. And this description is absolutely correct. The good news is, that all the traits that can be applied to The Shore, are most likely shared with a typical college student. For a college student, there is no better place to take that ‘beach bender’ party than the Jersey Shore. It has everything you could imagine on a boardwalk in a movie: roller coasters, beautiful beaches, arcades, aggressive seagulls, sexual tension between you and the ice-cream boy; what more could you need? Not to mention, the friends you make on the Jersey Shore are friends you remember forever. You’ll probably find yourself getting breakfast one day with them many years later.

With that being said, New Jersey breakfast is the best because of the world-renowned bagels. If there is one thing you should always remember as a fact, it is that New Jersey has the best bagels. They are perfectly made for the classic B.E.C sandwich. I have visited many bagel shops all around the US, but nothing has ever compared to a New Jersey bacon, egg, and cheese. If that’s not your style, you have nothing to worry about. The bagels you find in New Jersey are always fresh, and most likely have some sort of secret ingredient because I swear they are addictive. 

Growing up in New Jersey was perfect because of the state’s location. Only an hour from New York City, Philly, and the beach, you could go practically anywhere. This allows people in New Jersey to experience the world beyond just a small state. You can go to so many different places with such ease that it really is the perfect place. 

The people in New Jersey are crazy. They’re crazy when they party, drive, talk, or do just about anything else. Something about the energy of a New Jerseyian is uniquely chaotic. Maybe it’s because many of us spend our nights doing things like sitting in a playground, driving around, maybe exploring an abandoned warehouse, or having a party in our friend’s garage. Typical small-town activities every weekend will give anyone chaotic energy, but in the best way possible. 

Oh. We also have Wawa. 

If you meet someone from New Jersey, you should definitely keep them around. Not only will they be crazy drivers who could get you anywhere on time no matter how late you leave, but they’ll also have the best taste in breakfast foods. And you can know for sure that they will always be down for a rowdy time. 

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Yana Medvedeva

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I am a student at CU Boulder, but am originally from New Jersey. I love Op-eds, creative, and persuasive writing. I also love spending time outside, whether that be running, hiking, or just hanging out with some friends. In the winter, you'll definitely catch me on the slopes!
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