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Think Your Vote Won’t Matter? Think Again

Have you caught yourself wondering if your vote will really count? Have you decided that you’re not going to vote because you think that one vote won’t matter THAT much? Well, think again my friend because every vote does count, even if you dislike the Electoral College.

Voting every four years in November is an American tradition, an extremely important and life-changing tradition. Not only is voting your civic duty, but it also lets your voice be heard. You know all those times when you complained about something that the government has done or wished something was different in the presidency? Well here’s your chance to do something about that! 

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In swing states especially, every single vote matters. That is not to say that non-swing state votes don’t matter, they really do, but in states like Florida, Texas, and Ohio, there is even more importance to vote. Now, here in Colorado, a predominantly blue state, there usually is no question of what color the state will go, but even in that case, your vote still matters! 

The age range that shows up the least to the polls is those in the 18-29-year-old age range, according to the United States Census Bureau. This year we can make that change with everyone doing their part in voting. For example, in the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore, the only thing standing between Al Gore winning was 5 electoral votes. While there was a recount in Florida, it is still an extreme example of how every single vote matters in the end. 

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If you have any more questions about how to register, how to vote, and voting procedures visit USA.gov. Please remember that your vote matters and there is no excuse for not voting if you are able to. It's your civic responsibility as an American citizen! And remember Election Day is November 3rd!

Ivie Maher

CU Boulder '23

Ivie is a junior studying political science. She loves dogs, bunnies, and ice cream. She loves the outdoors and feels right at home here in the mountains. You can catch her cooking green bean casserole (her favorite), finding new music, or writing her newest article.
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