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Things to do Over Spring Break if You’re Not Traveling

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

It seems like everyone is traveling this year for spring break: going somewhere warm with their friends or on a trip to visit family. Some time at home can still be fun and relaxing too, even if you’re not planning on going anywhere. Here’s a few things to do over spring break if you’re not catching a flight or just need some ideas for a relaxing week to recover from the first half of the semester. 

  1. Meet up with old friends
    1. One of my favorite things to do when I’m home for spring break is to spend time with the people I’ve been friends with for years. Whether it’s your high school best friends, family that’s visiting, or someone you just want to reconnect with, spring break is the perfect time to meet back up with the people you haven’t seen in a while!
  1. Visit a local coffee shop or breakfast spot you’ve never tried before
    1. There’s no shortage of coffee shops, cafes, or brunch places in most of Colorado, especially if you’re in Boulder. Taking a week off of school and exploring the town, going to new places, and trying a new latte or breakfast burrito is a great way to discover one of your new favorite places! If you end up finding a good one, you can have a new hangout and study spot for the rest of the semester, which will help to spice it up and get you through to summer!
  1. Take some time to do some self care
    1. It’s hard to remember to take time for yourself when you’re slammed with classes, trying to balance a job and social life, and just trying to get through to the next part of the year where you’ll get to relax a little bit. Self-care is one of the best ways to help yourself feel refreshed and de-stress, and is the perfect mood-booster to get you feeling optimistic about the coming weeks. Taking a bath with your favorite bath bombs and some candles, going to get a massage, or just getting back into a healthy skincare routine are all things that will help your mind and body feel better as we head into spring. 
  1. Get ahead on your resume and volunteering 
    1. A break from school is also an excellent time to get ahead on building your resume and catching up on service hours. Volunteering a few hours a day for a couple days over break can help get those service hours up, and you’ll know you’re doing something for the greater good. Find a cause you’re really passionate about, and see if you can get involved for a while during the break from classes and studying! There are so many great volunteer opportunities in Boulder so there’s something for everyone. 
  1. Try a new hobby 
    1. One of the best things you can do while you’re hanging out with your friends, family, or even by yourself is trying a new hobby. Whether it’s crocheting that top that you wanna wear all summer  but haven’t had the time to make, or finding the time to cook something new to add to your personal cookbook, this week is the perfect time to explore a new realm of activities. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find one that’ll help relieve stress!
  1. Read a book for pleasure 
    1. Most of us have to read specific books for our classes, and rarely have time to read for pleasure during the chaos of the school year. While you’re taking that bath for self-care, reading a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while can be a great way to help you feel refreshed and regain control of your routine during the break. Check out a local bookstore or the always-trustworthy Barnes and Noble for inspiration if you want to read something new!
  1. Get some fresh air and spend some time outside
    1. Though this one is weather dependent, getting some fresh air and spending some time outside is a great mental refresher. Find a hike near you to try or one that you’ve been on and enjoy,, or even head to a lake or reservoir for some swimming if you’re feeling the summer vibes. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the nature surrounding you is a perfect way to help distance yourself from the school bubble for a bit and allows you to spend some time doing something you truly enjoy!
  1. Go see a new movie or go to a concert 
    1. With all the new movies coming out and all the big artists currently on tour in the states, there’s something for everyone in the entertainment world. Meet up with a friend and go see a new movie you’ve been meaning to see, or grab some tickets to your favorite band and rock out for a night. Boulder has plenty of events at its music venues, and if you’re up for a drive, there’s some cool venues in Denver hosting some pretty great musicians in the coming weeks. With movie theaters and concert venues practically wherever you go, don’t miss out on a movie or cool concert this break!
  1. Spend time with your family 
    1. It can be quite challenging as a student to find the time to hang out with your family when you have assignments due every day and live in a different city or even state. Spring break is an excellent time to get caught up on some missed social interaction! Get some dinner and have a movie night with your parents or find something to do with some cousins you haven’t seen in a while. You’ll all have a chance to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives, and find new things to connect over!
  2. Make a plan for the rest of the semester
    1. One of my favorite things to do over spring break is to make a plan for the rest of the semester. Though I like to relax for most of the break, getting organized right before school starts back up again and making a game plan can be super helpful for getting you through until summer. If you have a planner you haven’t used in a while, get back into the groove, and write out all your upcoming assignments ahead of time so you don’t have to stress about it later. If cleaning is more your thing, getting your room organized or changing the layout is also a fantastic way to get you in the mood for a great rest of the semester!

Even if you’re not planning on traveling this spring break, there’s still plenty of things you can do. Spending time with your loved ones, finding new hidden gems, and getting prepared for the final weeks before summer are all great ways to help you have a relaxing and fun break from school! 

Ashlie Polvogt

CU Boulder '25

Ashlie is a sophomore at CU Boulder from Golden, CO, studying Psychology and Sociology. She loves dogs, spending time with her friends, going to concerts, and meeting new people!