These Lucky Charms™ – Inspired Drinks for St. Patty’s Day are Magically Delicious!

Going to bars and other parties might not be the safest option for St. Patrick’s Day this year, but celebrating on your own is definitely still allowed. What cereal is more appropriate for the occasion than Lucky Charms™? 

  1. 1. Lucky Charms™ Shots

    Thanks to for this artsy and easy recipe! 


    1 c. cold whole milk

    1 c. Lucky Charms™ cereal, divided

    1 c. Bailey's Irish cream, chilled

    1 tbsp. rainbow sprinkles

    1/4 c. vanilla frosting


    1. Pour half of the 1 cup of Lucky Charms™ into milk and let it sit in the fridge for ~10 minutes to soak up the sugary flavor.

    2. Strain out the cereal and put the now-sugary milk into another glass. Add the Bailey’s Irish cream.

    3. Remove 8 marshmallows from the other (dry) half of your Lucky Charms™ and set aside.

    4. Take the rest of the cereal and crush on a plate. Mix in the sprinkles.

    5. Dip shot glasses into vanilla frosting and roll in the crushed cereal and sprinkles.

    6. Fill the glass with Bailey’s milk!  

  2. 2. Lucky Charms™ Martini

    We love this ~fancy~ martini from We Are Not Martha!


    ¼ cup Lucky Charms™ cereal, crushed

    2 Tbsp water

    1 Tbsp granulated sugar

    10 Lucky Charms marshmallows (preferably all green marshmallows)

    1 ½ oz. vodka (plain or vanilla)

    5 oz. soda water


    1. Put Lucky Charms™ on a plate and crush. 

    2. Mix water and sugar in a small bowl and brush mixture onto the rim of a martini glass (or a wine glass, in my case).

    3. Place glass upside-down on cereal plate to completely coat rim.

    4. Put dry marshmallows in the bottom of the martini glass.

    5. Pour vodka and soda water into the glass. Yum!  

  3. 3. Lucky Charms™ Rainbow Vodka Shots

    This three-step recipe from Tablespoon is *chef’s kiss.* 


    2 cups Lucky Charms™ cereal

    6 oz flavored vodka (whipping cream or marshmallow flavor)


    1. Separate marshmallows from cereal.

    2. Organize the six marshmallow colors into six different glasses.

    3. Pour one ounce of vodka in each glass and let the marshmallows dissolve. Enjoy!  

Perfect for your corned beef and cabbage dish, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day right this year with these yummy cocktails (and honestly, I may make them all year-round!).