These are My Turkey Pants

With Thanksgiving Break right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about all that good food you get to eat. All the pie, casseroles, and turkey. But, this may create a well known dilemma, you cute Thanksgiving outfit quickly becomes too tight and you feel like you need bigger pants. This is your guide to looking cute and staying extra comfy in your outfit this Thanksgiving. Many might call this a guide to your “turkey pants;” these are the pants designated for eating turkey all day without your clothes shrinking as the day goes on. Let this be your guide to the five best outfits for Thanksgiving.


  1. One major way to avoid feeling extra bloated in your holiday outfit is to wear a cute and simple dress. Wearing a dress paired with boots and tights to keep you warm is just your look. You definitely want to stay away from materials and outfits that cling to your body. A loose and flowy dress is just the solution. You will still look just as cute, but can skip the feeling of being stuck in your clothes.



2. If you are really dead set on wearing pants this Thanksgiving, but just want to get rid of your jeans, it might be best to opt for leggings and a sweater. You can easily make leggings and a sweater dressed up for your Thanksgiving dinner by pairing the outfit with a scarf, a nice pair of boots, and a handbag.



3. This next outfit is perfect for any casual Thanksgiving or even your Friendsgiving Dinner. For those of us, like myself, who can’t part ways with jeans despite how bloated you may feel, it’s time to invest in that pair of high waisted jeans you’ve been eyeballing. Having high waisted pants can still help eliminate that feeling you get after many plates of food. The higher waist prevents your jeans from digging into your sides after all that turkey.



4. For the girls who are all about keeping up with the latest trends, your perfect Thanksgiving outfit might just be a sweater dress and a pair of killer thigh high boots.



5.  Lastly, if you want a happy medium between pants and wearing a dress, my best recommendation is to wear a high waisted skirt and a burgundy sweater. As much as we want to skip fall and Thanksgiving to get straight to the holidays, use this time to embrace all the fall colors before winter is here to stay!



With these quick and easy five outfits, you will be able to eat as much turkey as you want without feeling bloated. We’ve all been there, even me, so don’t worry anymore about feeling like your pants suddenly got smaller within a few hours, because with the right outfit, you’ll still feel comfortable while looking your best this Thanksgiving. Enjoy your break Buffs!