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Taylor Swift has me and every person you will ever meet in a chokehold and it should stay like that, here’s some of her best songs to fangirl over. 

You’d be lying to me if you said there wasn’t at least one Taylor Swift song that you would sing to in the shower. In her 32 years of life and her 18 years of being famous, Taylor has created more gut-wrenching, soul-satisfying, serotonin-boosting music than most people before her. It was hard, but after talking to several of my fellow Swifties, I have compiled a list of her top 5 best songs to date (obviously this is just my opinion but it is the right one). 

Coming in at number five we have the beautiful, the wonderful, the overall heart-wrenching All Too Well (10 min version). When the music video for this song came out last year, my friends hunched over my roommates desk and watched the video together. My roommate from last year (who could be considered the world’s biggest Swiftie), shushed everyone for talking multiple times, watched the whole video more times than anyone can remember, and cried the whole time. The song is so powerful and there is a good reason why it broke the internet when it was released. Every single person I asked the opinions of put this song on their list and for good reason. Even though the song could be considered a bit slower, it’s so well done that it doesn’t even feel like 10 minutes. 

The number four spot goes to Champagne Problems. I have ugly cried to this song way too many times (like an embarrassing amount of times, I don’t even want to talk about it). This is the perfect song for anyone who feels like they took too much from someone and didn’t mean to. Champagne Problems will forever and always have a very special place in my heart. My (now past) roommate and I easily agreed that this song should be on this list and we make absolutely no apologies for it. 

This song is on here for every selfish reason you could imagine. No one that I talked to even considered putting this on their list but I just had to. Better Than Revenge is the perfect song for someone like me, someone who got their heart ripped out of their chest by stupid boys who let childish women control them. The lyrics make you feel like you could go confront any person who has ever been mean to you in the best possible way. Plus, I needed a song that is just fun to scream at the top of your lungs on this list, one that pumps you up. 

The Lucky One is coming in at number two, I truly don’t think I need to say more. This is one of my favorites, one of my friends favorites, one of your mom’s favorites, one of your dogs favorites, I really don’t think I need to continue. Not only is it just crushingly sad, it is also one of the realest songs I have heard from a super popular artist. It is really frustrating when artists try to glamorize fame like there are no consequences, making everyone else feel like they aren;t good enough. But, of course, Taylor would never play like that. She is a real one. Plus this song just scratches an itch in your brain. I think addictive is the best word to describe it. 

Okay, okay, I know this is about to be controversial as hell but I simply don’t care. Call It What You Want has had me in a choke hold since the very first time I heard the first beat of this song. I am a hopeless romantic, keep that in mind, but it’s not even the fact that this song tells such a beautiful love story about loving someone unconditionally no matter what others say, it’s the fact that this song is all around perfect. The tone, the lyrics, her voice, it’s all just *chefs kiss*. None of my friends agree but I will not back down on this one. When I was first getting myself really into her music, this was one of her less known tracks that pulled me in and kept me here. Now I can’t escape. So really, it’s a nostalgia thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that everyone sleeps on this song. 

Our kids, and their kids, and their kids after that will listen to Taylor Swift. I am so confident about that. She is one of the best singer songwriters that our generation could have been blessed with. I know my opinions aren’t what you probably expected but it just goes to show that all of her songs deserve someone to love them. 

Charlotte Youngman

CU Boulder '25

I am a freshman majoring in Childhood Education. I love writing, reading, and anything to do with literature!