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Although a cliche statement, “The Office” is one of my favorite TV series. The characters, no matter how big of a role they play, are each so quirky and unique that every episode never makes me smile. Here is how I see some of my favorite characters from The Office as pets. 

Jim: Golden Retriever.

I may be biased because golden retrievers are my favorite dog breed and Jim is one of my favorite Office characters, but I feel like he matches the balanced energy of a goofy, sweet, sneaky, and smart golden retriever. He is the ultimate golden retriever boy for all of us basic girls. 

Pam: Cocker Spaniel. 

Pam is one of the most wholesome TV characters I’ve ever seen. So, in my mind she is a cocker spaniel because she is super nice but also has a funny side that I absolutely adore. Not to mention her secretary outfits and classic half-up-half-down hairstyle almost makes her look like a cocker spaniel. 

Dwight: Raccoon.

It’s very hard to encapsulate Dwight’s energy into a classic house-pet, and it took me a while to figure out what animal he is, but I think I settled on the perfect choice: a raccoon. Although illegal in Colorado, which doesn’t sound too surprising for Dwight, a racoon is a pet just feral enough to represent Dwight’s unpredictability, but somehow quirky enough to make many people like them. (I have a Dwight sticker on my laptop FYI.)

Angela: Hairless Cat.

Obviously Angela would be a cat because of her defining personality trait being cat-lady, but I think she would be a hairless cat. Petite, intimidating, and pale, hairless cats remind me of Angela because of her straightforwardness and consistent angry glare. 

Kevin: Komondor.

When I think of Kevin I think of the most socially awkward character on the Office. What’s more awkward than a dog with hair growing over its eyes? Both Kevin and Komondors, while awkward and a little funny looking, are totally loveable and attract many people. 

Toby: Goldfish.

There’s not much I can say about Toby, not only in fear that Michael Scott will curse me, but also because Toby is one of the most boring characters on Earth. His nasally voice and blank stare is hilarious, and just like a goldfish, he is low maintenance and just sits in the background. Thank you to the writers of the Office for creating a character so comically boring that he reminds me of some real life people. 

Kelly: Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Kelly is the girliest of girly girls, and so she is not only a chihuahua, but to be more specific a Beverly Hills chihuahua. You know, like the movie? With the talking dogs who wear jewelry and sleep on pink velvet cushions? Kelly could definitely be a voice actress in that movie with her high pitched voice, pressed pink suits, and perfect hair and makeup. She’s perfectly toxic and I love her role in the Office as the district annoying princess. 

Meredith: Bearded Dragon.

Meredith is like no other, so in my mind if she was a pet she would be an amphibian, specifically a bearded dragon. Definitely something I could see living in her house, bearded dragons remind me of Meredith for no reason other than the fact that they’re both extremely niche. It takes a certain person to have a lizard as a pet, and it takes an even more specific person to deal with a character like Meredith. No hate towards her however, she’s the chaotic woman every show needs. 

Andy: Parrot.

I hate birds and I can’t stand Andy. Since Andy is the more annoying version of Micheal I see him as a parrot. They both make too much noise and don’t know when to stop having fun. But I’m also biased because I was attacked by a parrot as a kid and still haven’t fully recovered. Sorry if you love parrots and/or Andy. 

Michael: Human Baby.

Not necessarily a pet, Michael Scott reminds me of a baby. Like a kid, his character is more of a mental and financial liability than the family dog, and Micheal definitely will outlive most house pets. He is emotionally underdeveloped, probably has trouble making it to the bathroom on time, is in all ways unpredictable, and is overall a business-wide annoyance. Definitely the most developed character in “The Office,” Michael Scott, just like an actual child, will unfortunately take the spotlight from the other characters, and pets, every time he enters the room. 

“The Office” has some of the most quirky, well-developed characters in TV history, which is why it is such a successful series. Because of the wide range of personalities in the cramped office, the workplace in “The Office” can sometimes feel like a zoo. Do you agree with my portrayal of “The Office” characters as pets? 

Lanaya Oliver

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