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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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The Best of Rory Gilmore’s Fall Outfits

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What can best be described as a warm hug on a cold day, Gilmore Girls has been serving the cozy community as the best show to watch when the seasons change. Stars Hollow is home to many iconic characters such as Luke of Luke’s Diner, Sookie, Kirk, Lorelai Gilmore, and, of course, Rory Gilmore. While her character experiences many ups and downs, from dropping out of college to committing crimes and being at the top of her class, a constant detail is her memorable style. Donned in her cable-knit sweaters,  private-school uniform, zip-up hoodies, cardigans, or plaid skirts, Rory can always be trusted to hit the marks. 

“Comfy Cable Knit”

Early in the series, Rory establishes her preference for both comfort and style. An oversized sweater is the perfect blend of the two, good for keeping warm as fall temperatures begin to drop, as well as being an easy closet staple to pull out at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s to go to the local cafe and study or participate in local town festivities, this outfit is versatile and classic for any fall activity. 

“In Season Stripes”

While it can be daunting to cross different patterns and textures, Rory can still blend different materials seamlessly. Here, she layers a multicolored tight sweater with a classic blue denim jacket. This simple blend highlights the vibrant fall colors underneath the jacket while adding a unique statement that doesn’t overpower the sweater. This outfit is a perfect pick for outdoor activities: pumpkin picking, fall photoshoots, and haunted houses, and one that will keep you warm and stylish. 


“Grandma’s Cardigan” 

What at first looks like it could have been picked out at random in a thrift store, Rory turns this cardigan into a classic look that adds a bright pop of color over a light blue monochrome long-sleeve. You’re more likely to find this top in a closet rather than a brand-name store, but sometimes, an old article of clothing can add more character than a new piece ever could, especially when going for the grandma or cottage-core aesthetic. 

Cargo Pant Cameo” with statement headband and turtleneck sweater 

A creative way to add some variety to an outfit is through accessories, such as Rory’s thick headband, which matches her pumpkin-colored turtleneck sweater, both a stylish offset to her olive green cargo pants. While you might not think to pair these colors together, they cohesively balance the colors of fall from the slow turn from green to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. 

Study Break Chic

With fall also comes the inevitable midterms, papers, and exams. For Rory, this means Friday nights are spent studying and trying to juggle staying on top of her work and being a teenager. Having a comfortable outfit to cram in studying late at night is essential, both for falling asleep in and to make sure you ace your exams. Some eggplant purple sweatpants paired with a long-sleeved shirt check the boxes for a simple and warm outfit for working on a late fall night.

Olivia Neilly

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Olivia is a sophomore at CU Boulder double majoring in Molecular Biology and English. While one day she hopes to attend medical school, she still loves to read and write, often curled up with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. When not in class or studying, Olivia enjoys visiting cafes, shopping for new books, playing with her dog, or watching movies. She is also a huge sports fan and is always pumped up to support CU football, CU basketball, the Denver Nuggets, and US Soccer. Her favorite movies are La La Land and Silence of the Lambs, or any romantic comedy that you can watch in the fall. Olivia is excited to be able to publish her work and explore a wide variety of fun topics with readers!