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I am an advocate for tattoos because they are pieces of art we get to wear on our bodies forever. I got my first tattoo at 18, an ohm symbol on my right bicep, and absolutely love scrolling through tattoo inspiration on Pinterest. I can’t wait to look like a crazy-inked-up-plant-lady in the future. So, here is a collection of tattoos I am considering getting. 

Once I find a good artist, I am definitely getting a tattoo of a bee on my forearm. Bees are the source of all life and I want a tattoo of one to remind myself of the impact I can also make on the world. Plus, have you ever seen such an aesthetically pleasing drawing? 

Spinal tattoos are stunning. I would adore having a thin wave drawn down my spine, or a small floral arrangement stopping in the middle of my back. I appreciate all spinal tattoos and love looking at pictures of them, but I’m not sure if I would ever follow through with getting one.

Keeping with the theme of Buddhism of my ohm tattoo, I would love to have a Hamsa hand tattoo. It symbolizes protection from evil spirits and reminds me of a necklace my mom got me in middle school, but decided it was too detailed of a drawing for a first tattoo. I was afraid of losing my tattoo virginity to an intensely painful tattoo session. Also, because there is a wide variety of Hamsa designs, I need to discover the perfect image before I dedicate myself to permanently marking my body. 

My friend has a giant tattoo wrapping around each thigh, and while I prefer smaller pieces, the placement of her tattoos has inspired me to frantically search for flower designs on Pinterest with the idea of also getting ink on my thigh. Out of the flowers in this image, I am interested in the waterlily, cherry blossom, and lily. 

This tattoo is absolutely breathtaking and because I have a love for all things plant-related, this piece was made for me. If not too painful, placing a small, inch-long, banana leaf behind my ear would make me the happiest girl on Earth. 

I am obsessed with one-line drawings and frogs, so I’m tempted to merge the two for my next tattoo. This would be super cute on my ankle and reminds me of my late grandpa because he had a collection of frog memorabilia. I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten this tattoo yet, but I guarantee I will eventually. 

Another meaningful tattoo I am interested in getting is a Linnea flower, because it’s what I’m named after. Its dainty stem and delicate petals would fit perfectly on my wrist or behind my ear. I would get this in black and white, though, because I want all my tattoos to fit together in a simple, cohesive manner. 

Although not the most original idea, I want a tattoo of a Roman sculpture. Whether it’s a head with a college-like twist (like the image below), the body of a naked woman, or a simple outline of a sculpture, I think this type of tattoo would be super cool. Plus, because marble sculptures from thousands of years ago are timeless creations still appreciated by art geeks like myself, this tattoo would mean a lot to me. 

Finally, my friend who does tattoos recently did this piece and I am so jealous of whoever got it. Being a plant lover is hard because I have been dreaming of getting a small potted plant tattoo, but can’t decide between a succulent or ivy. If I had all the skin and money in the world I would get both, but for now, I’ll just keep scrolling through Pinterest and pinning after the tattoos of others. 

Clearly, I am a fan of tattoos. I dream of simple, nature-themed pieces with personal meanings behind them scattered over my body like a human collage. My parents would disagree, but I think life is too short to not express yourself; tattoos make people unique and I automatically want to be friends with anyone with ink on their body. This being said, because I want to plan ahead before getting another needle stuck into my skin, Pinterest is my safe haven and my canvas will remain blank. What are some tattoos and/or placements you want?

P.S If you are one of my parents or grandparents and have read this whole article, I definitely only like tattoos because they would help identify me if I ever went missing. Of course, I will never turn my body into a sketchbook.

Lanaya Oliver

CU Boulder '24

Lanaya Oliver is the Editor-in-Chief and a contributing writer at the Her Campus Chapter at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As Editor-in-Chief, she oversees a team of editors, is the lead publisher and editor, and works as a campus corespondent. Outside of Her Campus, Lanaya is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is double majoring in both Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Sports Media. Her writing career started in high school when she was elected the position of school wide poet laureate after winning a poetry contest in her sophomore year. Now Lanaya’s writing has evolved from creative pieces to profiles and articles for her Her Campus articles. In her personal life, Lanaya is an ACE certified personal trainer and teaches both cycle and barre classes. Fitness is her passion and more often than not she can be found lifting weights, riding a bike, or running. She also enjoys being outdoors, binge watching movies, spending time with friends, thrift shopping, and munching on any white cheddar flavored snack she can find. Lanaya hopes to find a balance between her love for writing and her dreams of working in the fitness industry in her future career.