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You cannot watch football anymore without hearing the names Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Let’s be real right now: the discourse permeating the NFL community argues that Travis Kelce is more popular than Miss. Taylor Swift. One is only known if you watch American Football and the other person is so well known you can either call them by their first name or last name–they are interchangeable. I will let y’all figure out who is who. Now let’s get into the basics for those who don’t know who Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift is.

Travis Kelce is a renowned American professional football player, widely celebrated for his exceptional skills as a tight end in the NFL. Kelce has become an iconic figure in the sports world through his outstanding career with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is known for his incredible athleticism, precise route-running, and reliable hands, making him one of the most dominant offensive weapons in the league. Travis Kelce has earned multiple Pro Bowl selections, two Super Bowl victories, and numerous records, solidifying his status as one of the most influential and dynamic players in the NFL. Beyond his on-field success, he’s also recognized for his engaging personality and philanthropic efforts: contributing to his widespread popularity both on and off the gridiron.

Taylor Swift’s career is a remarkable journey that has spanned over a decade, marked by unprecedented success, evolution, and unwavering authenticity. She burst into the music scene as a teenage country sensation with her eponymous debut album in 2006, establishing herself as a prodigious songwriter. Swift’s transition to pop music with the release of “1989” in 2014 propelled her into international superstardom, breaking chart records and earning her numerous accolades. Throughout her career, she has continually pushed boundaries, with each album offering a new artistic persona from the raw vulnerability of “Folklore” and “Evermore” to the reimagining of her early works in “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” Taylor Swift’s influence extends far beyond her music, as she has consistently advocates for artists’ rights and female empowerment, solidifying her position as a cultural icon who continuously redefines and shapes the music industry.

And their “Love Story” began at Arrowhead Stadium located in Kansas City, Mo. – the stadium where everything was red, and where “Everything Has Changed”. Kelce saw Taylor Swift in concert and tried to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it. According to his side of the story, it did not work, but I beg to differ. Then Swift sent the whole NFL world into a frenzy because she was at his game in Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears. After every play they panned to Swift in Travis Kelce’s box. Personally, I was okay with that because the game was boring. It was a blowout, so with Taylor Swift being there it made people actually want to watch a game that most of us avid watchers would rather turn off. After the game, the two sped off in a “Getaway Car”. She has now been to a total of three of his games, leaving football fans wondering whether she’s a good luck charm. The one time she didn’t show up the past few weeks, Travis Kelce almost had a terrible injury that could have taken him out for the rest of the season, but after some quick tlc, he was back in and made a touchdown.

This new relationship took everyone by surprise, and it might prove to be a big adjustment for Taylor considering her last relationship was private for six years. That might have something to do with her “Reputation”, but now she is making the whole place shimmer. I am in love with everything that has to do with this “Love Story”, and to all the haters that say this phenomenon has earned too much coverage, “You Need to Calm Down”. Travis Kelce is “The Lucky One”, and the story will be ongoing.

Kennedy Pickering

CU Boulder '24

Kennedy is a Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Women and Gender Studies, as well as Sports Media. I love to write about my life, and the nerdy hobbies that have taken a hold of my life, but I mainly love to write about different versions of feminism as well as my life as a Black student that attends a PWI. When I am not writing you can find me binge-reading the new young adult romance novel, all the movies in the Harry Potter series, rewatching Disney classics from TV shows to movies.