Summer Shopping As Told By Blair Waldorf

To distract ourselves from the pain of studying for finals, we may be turning our attention to our closets now. Why, well it’s time to start packing away the sweaters and pulling out the sundresses once again. The weather is finally warm again, but as you look through your old summer clothes you may realize it’s time to go shopping. What better person to describe our summer shopping thoughts than the queen of shopping, Blair Waldorf.


  1. The Initial Recognition

        This is the stage where you are bringing out your summer clothes and realizing you have absolutely nothing to wear, or none of your clothes fit the way you want. Basically you might even start to panic because you have so little time to get a whole new wardrobe.



2.  Deciding what look and style you want

    This is just the time when you spend hours on the internet looking at pinterest, or online shopping until you know exactly what you want for this summer. So you grab your girls and head straight for the mall.



3. That Moment When You See It

    Honestly this is exactly what we look like when we find the perfect dress, swimsuit, or pair of shorts.



4.  Your Besties Opinion

    What is a shopping trip without your bff? This is when all the fun happens, you have your own Serena Van Der Woodsen there to keep you from buying that one out of style outfit.



5.  Your Own Fashion Show

    The absolute best thing about having your bestie there while shopping is that she is always there to lift you up. She will make you feel like you’re on a runway when you come out of the dressing room, only to make you feel confident about the beautiful person you are.



6. Success

    What a satisfying feeling. After shopping until you literally dropped, you are walking away with a brand new and super fabulous summer wardrobe.



7. Coming to the Realization on How Much you Spent

    This is the worst realization. You’re sitting there thinking of all the amazing clothes you’re getting, and how you can’t wait to be wearing them under the sun and by the pool this summer. But this thought is quickly shattered when the cashier tells you that your total is somewhere around $300. You sorta die on the inside and question every item you have since you’re unfortunately not loaded with cash like Blair. Good thing your bestie is there for moral support, and makes you buy each item anyway.



8.  Being Completely & Utterly Satisfied

    After crying a bit, you quickly get over it and return to being the happiest person on this earth. You can sit down and fall in love with your clothes all over again as you put them in your closet.





Instead of stressing about your upcoming finals, take a well deserved break and treat yourself to a shopping spree. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf this season, and don’t be afraid to splurge on a few things. It’s been a long hard year, and you definitely want to walk out of finals knowing you have the perfect summer wardrobe. Now that you have all these new clothes you may be wondering what you should do with your old ones. If you have time, you can donate them this Friday from 10 am - 5pm by the UMC, for the VS Pink CU Boulder Philanthropy Event; or, you can donate them to a local charity.