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Subtle Ways to Rock Your Slytherin Aesthetic

I hate to break it to you, but Harry Potter is back in. Whether we owe its resurgence in popularity to thirsting over Draco on Tik Tok, the fall weather, or even the strong pull of our childhood comforts during this tumultuous year, people are picking up their wands once again. However, much of the Harry Potter merchandise and fashion is aimed at millennials. So if you’re looking to rep your house, you don’t have many subtle or stylish options. I’ve curated some on-trend items to make you feel like a true Slytherin.

A Classic Plaid Skirt

This whole outfit from Indie Brand Disturbia screams “Malfoy” to me. This skirt is super on-trend with plaid and cheer skirts being popular staples on TikTok. If Draco had a sister, she would wear this and I would also be terrified of her.

A Candle Straight Out of the Movies

This candle may creep out your roommate and go against dorm fire safety policies, but everyone knows how iconic they were in the Harry Potter movies. Nothing could set the Defense Against the Dark Arts mood better. Drop Dead Candle Co. has plenty of moody hand-poured candles that would make the Dark Lord proud.

A Botanical Notebook

This journal from Rifle Paper Co is so elegant and the perfect place to keep secrets (or Draco x Y/N fanfiction). If I saw you pull out this notebook to take notes in during class, I would instantly be jealous.

A Dainty but Daring Choker

Fashion and YouTube goddess, Best Dressed collab with En Route Jewelry is so Slytherin. Soft and romantic, but cutthroat. Inspired by Baroque-era jewelry, it invokes a vintage feel that is timeless and captivating.

A Sexy Lingerie Set

Playful Promises’ The Dakota set is body-positive, sexy, and powerful--everything a Slytherin should be. I’ve definitely seen it in my cart in the mirror of Erised. It’s strappy and tempting but offers great support and comfort. It is perfect for showing your soft underbelly, while reminding people you still have venom. 

A Mossy Top

You can catch me wearing this top on an outing to the Three Broomsticks, or the C4C (where the most magical thing is maybe the soft-serve ice cream machine). It’s a great dressy number for dates, concerts, or picnics along the shores of Black Lake.

A STUNNING Black Dress

Anyways, this is what I’m wearing to the Yule Ball with Pansy Parkinson. This dress gives me Bellatrix Lestrange vibes in the best possible way. Corsets are fall’s biggest trend, and with a getup this dark you’re perfectly dressed for brewing potions with your class crush.

This Enchanting Perfume

“Slick and bitter”, this fragrance will transport you to the shores of the Black Lake and the pine-laden air of the forbidden forest. Give off a cunning and ambitious air (literally) to anyone you meet with this signature scent.

A Student Is Only As Strong As the Notes They Take...

While I wish I had a pen that wrote by itself (a.k.a Rita Skeeter), these luscious green inks look divine on both parchment and college-ruled paper.

I've Heard the Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword...

This glass pen might be the most magical writing utensil I’ve ever seen. While you’ll need a No. 2 pencil for exams this year, your notes will look as enchanting as ever. You could also use it to write heartfelt letters to your friends that are quarantined or living at home.

(P.S. Owls can’t deliver mail, fund the USPS by writing letters and buying stamps)

As Harry Potter begins to trend again this fall, feel free to add a 2020 update to the franchise and its merchandise. Other great ideas for accessories include green silk hair scarves, thrifted ties, and vintage brooches or pins (a.k.a Prefect pins).

Abby Hale

CU Boulder '22

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