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#ShouldertoShoulder Initiative Seeks to Help Buffs In Need

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Temperature check— Buffs, how are you honestly doing right now? We hope you’re taking care of yourselves and each other while doing your best to stay on top of those online classes. In these undoubtedly troubled times, it’s important to remember that there are many CU students who are not as fortunate in these times as others— students who aren’t able to retreat to a safe home for any number of reasons, who have lost their jobs and face pressing financial insecurities, and many more in need of emergency assistance.

That’s why CU Boulder senior, Paula Pulido (BS Civil Engineering, MS Finance) teamed up with two of her friends and 2019 alumni, Serene Singh and Kelly Galloway, to launch their 30-day crowdfunding campaign #ShouldertoShoulder. We chatted with Pulido to find out more about how this initiative will help Buffs in need during this pandemic, how to donate or to ask for aid, and advice she has for all of us going through this together.

How are you doing right now, with everything going on with this pandemic?

Paula Pulido: There have been ups and downs, but overall I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be at home and safe with my family. It kept me up at night knowing that so many students are not in the same position and really led me to want to help out however I could. I’m grateful for my friendships with Serene and Kelly that led to this!

Can you tell us more about what the #ShouldertoShoulder initiative is? What provoked your team to start this campaign? Who will this funding benefit?

PP: #ShouldertoShoulder is part of the Buffs Together campaign created by CU to say that, though we may be physically distanced, Buffs support each other and rally for each other no matter how difficult this situation will become. Like many students and alumni, our hearts were heavy with the thoughts of students facing this situation and needing emergency assistance. There are so many people who want to offer their help in this time and partner with these students!

This will go to those who are facing food insecurity due to lost jobs, those who are not able to go home due to immunocompromised family members or themselves, students who are homeless, students who lack the technology needed to complete the semester online or even international students who have been stranded and need to get back home!

Why did you and your co-creators choose a crowdfunding campaign?

PP: We started this grassroots crowdfunding effort to have a dedicated pot of money going to students who have been specifically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I am working with CU’s Student Affairs division to help this money get to students quickly. We really wanted a current student and young alumni involved in the process from start to finish, so a crowdfunding campaign was the perfect fit. 

How can people help with this initiative? What can they do if they aren’t in a position to be able to donate money?

PP: We would love for you to get involved, and there are many ways! If you’re able to give even $1, it will make a huge compounding effect for students in need. Whether or not you are able to donate, sharing our campaign makes a huge difference in its visibility! 

How can Buffs in need get in touch for help?

PP: Buffs who are in need of assistance can go to https://www.colorado.edu/studentaffairs/student-emergency-fund and apply there!

What advice do you have for fellow Buffs who are reading this?

PP: As we read the news and feel anxiety over the situation unfolding, continue to look for the beauty and resilience that is on display in the people and world around us. I am in awe of the community response that has rallied to support our healthcare workers, small business owners and more— reading about it has made me so hopeful! 

If you feel inclined and are able to help our community, please consider donating to this campaign or sharing this article on social media. Take care, everyone!


Pranathi is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. In her time with Her Campus at CU Boulder, she served as Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent.