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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

For many students, it’s the time of the year where everything seems to keep piling on, and for many of us, me included, we’re feeling a little burnt out. However, it is still important to take care of yourselves, both mentally and physically, especially  when what feels like the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders. Here are five things you can do for self care. 

  1. Go outside! 

If you’re like me and studying for midterms, it usually ends up with being stuck inside the library or your room, without seeing the sun for days on end. The next time you’re over it all and ready to give up, go outside! Take a walk, read a book, scroll on tiktok in a hammock, or even study outside if you can. Getting some natural light and air is a great way to ground yourself. 

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  1. Engage in a creative or artistic activity. 

Sometimes, you just need a break, and art is a great way to destress. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at drawing or painting, but it can still be fun, especially with friends. If you don’t have the supplies to create art, you can scribble on a piece of paper, journal, collage, or go on a nature walk and take pictures! You can even watch a movie, or listen to music. 

  1. Call a loved one. 

When everything piles on one after another, it becomes very easy to self-isolate and throw yourself into work or even enter a dark place. Call a loved one, maybe your family or a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. If you can, meet up with them for coffee, or a short study break, but if that’s too much, texting or Facetime is a great way to stay connected. Plus, they’ll appreciate it! 

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  1. Eat something and drink water 

It can be hard to remember to eat a meal and keep yourself hydrated, but unfortunately, these basic human needs are incredibly important to taking care of yourself. If you don’t have the energy to cook anything and can afford it, Doordashing food from your favorite restaurant is a great resource, such as Bova’s. If you’re broke (like me), instant noodles are a lifesaver. Add some frozen veggies and an egg, and you got yourself a sustainable meal with a bit of nutritional value. 

  1. Be kind to yourself 

This is arguably the most important thing you can do when you’re practicing self care, especially when you don’t care. Remember that you are trying your best with all that you’ve been given. Practice positive affirmations and listen to what your body needs. Although school and grades are important, you are always more important. Be kind to yourself :) 

Practicing self care is hard, especially when you simply don’t care much about taking care of yourself, but it is important to prioritize yourself. Get enough sleep, food, and water everyday, and be kind to yourself. If you need additional help, don’t be afraid to reach out! 

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Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

Self-Harm Hotline: 800-366-8288

Depression/suicide text line: 741741

Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 

Eera Vedavyas

CU Boulder '26

Eera Vedavyas is an editor and contributing writer at the Her Campus Chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder. Beyond Her Campus, Eera is a sophomore at CU Boulder studying Psychology with a minor in Business. Their writing journey began in middle school after being inspired to write a novel. Now, her writing experience has evolved too poetry, journalistic writing, and is currently editing her first novel that she hopes to publish one day. In their free time, they enjoy reading, learning how to cook, discovering new music, playing video games, and exploring new places.