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“Seaspiracy” Review- A Sustainability or Veganism Documentary?

Sustainability has become a widely popular topic around the globe over the past few years, especially when it comes to the earth’s oceans. The promotion of reusable bags, silverware, and straws has encouraged more people to become more sustainable, but what about the other possible aspects affecting our sustainability goals? Netflix’s newest documentary titled “Seaspiracy” does just that as it explores the many other aspects of the ocean that might have an effect on the world becoming more environmentally friendly. The documentary starts off by describing the effect plastic waste has on the ecosystem of the ocean, but quickly moves to explore the impact of unsustainable fishing and how it’s corrupt practices are covered up by powerful corporations. By the end of the film, the director, named Ali Tabrizi, explores the possible ways people could support preventing unsustainable fishing and comes up with one solution: to stop eating fish. I enjoyed the movie up until this point because it felt like a documentary looking into the ocean’s ecosystems and environmental issues, but after they brought their ending point to the table, it felt more like another film promoting plant-based diets.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person choosing a plant-based diet for themselves, but at the end of the film, it seemed to promote a move towards a vegan lifestyle rather than a promotion for sustainability that I expected, and it let me down. As they promoted a film that was dedicated to encouraging sustainability to help the environment, that was what I was thrilled to see, not a film that seemed to attack an environmentally unethical system only to promote veganism. “Seaspiracy” has received a lot of criticism not only on how it portrayed the sustainable fishery industry, but also because of this message for individuals to end the consumption of fish to save the environment. But before you take my disappointment to heart and reject watching the film, I highly recommend watching it anyway. “Seaspiracy” does highlight many aspects of environmentalism that one should know in the process of becoming more sustainable while also exhibiting some fascinating aspects of science. My recommendation: watch the film with an open mind but also do your research on what is exemplified and form your own opinion, don’t let my review define the entire film for you. Be open to new insights and learn more from “Seaspiracy.” 

Kyra Dascher

CU Boulder '23

Kyra is a junior studying history and journalism. She is a midwest native who loves writing lifestyle content and spends most of her days outside appreciating Colorados beauty!
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