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Pumpkin Carvings That are Festive and Funny AF

As the leaves change and we creep closer to Halloween, it’s hard not to have fall fever here in Boulder. If you’re a true autumn groupie, it’s very possible you’re going to find yourself doing all of the fall activities, ordering all of the pumpkin spice, binge watching Halloweentown, and maybe even carving a pumpkin. While the classic Jack-O-Lantern will always be iconic, it’s always exciting to see a good carving that puts the basic pumpkins to shame. Here are a few pumpkin carvings for those of you who either want inspiration or just a good laugh.

1. The Brace Face: 


This Jack-O-Lantern is seriously channeling the inner middle schooler in all of us. All they needed was a few soda can tabs, screws, and two wires for a perfect orthodontic look.

2. This one featuring some strategic placement: 


Whoever carved this bad boy definitely had vision on how to use this blemish. I think we can all appreciate how perfect this one specific pumpkin was for this hilarious carving. Execution: 10/10.

3. “No capes!” 


Can you believe it? Our queen and icon Edna Mode from The Incredibles beautifully depicted as a Jack-O-Lantern. This pumpkin is sure to pack some sass and a whole lot of fashion. From the mouth of Edna herself, “It will be bold. Dramatic! Heroic!”

4. This one that’s just plain goofy: 


Don’t ask me why, but this pumpkin really feels like a visual representation of “teehee!” The idea is so basic, and yet it’s everything. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, they put the candle inside of it, making it ten times funnier.

5. The Rick Ross Jack-O-Lantern:


This pumpkin carving looks so much like the famous rapper, you can almost hear it saying “shout-out to all the pear.” It’s definitely worthy of shotgun in your “Purple Lamborghini”.

Hopefully all of these crazy gourds either inspire you to either get creative with the carving kit this year or just simply make you smile. Why not throw a little laughter into spooky season?

Grace McAllister

CU Boulder '22

I'm Grace McAllister and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm so excited to be a Freshman at CU Boulder this year! I'm planning on studying Marketing in the School of Business and I'm considering a minor in advertising or journalism. I'm really passionate about all things CU, makeup, netflix, dogs, fitness, and of course food. I'm so excited to spend this chapter of my life at CU Boulder and in the Her Campus Community!
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