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We’ll admit that we are not the biggest Post Malone fans. And not that we don’t like him and were forced to go to his concert, just that we don’t have it all memorized or follow his social or anything. So may we present to you… Ivie and Maeve’s official concert review from minimally invested fans of Post Malone.

The Know


Ivie: My friend bought tickets a while ago and invited me to go with her when she found out that I liked Post Malone. She had seen Post Malone before and was extremely excited to see him again. I know a lot of his music and really enjoy it, but I just never followed him on social media or knew too much about him as a person. I’m a person who catches on with lyrics pretty easily, so knowing the lyrics to his songs was easy for me. But, identifying which song he was playing in that moment was a little difficult for me because sometimes they sound the same to me. 

Maeve: For proof that I’m really not the biggest fan, my friend and I had an ongoing joke when I first met her that I didn’t know the difference between Post, Chance the Rapper, and Khalid (very true, by the way…I love Broadway but it all sounds the same to me). But, I like Post Malone, I do. The same friend was consistently bugging all of us to go with her to the concert, but no one wanted to go. Little did she know we already bought her tickets for her birthday, and I had an entire private Snapchat story going all day misleading her. Ever since, I’ve been listening to Stoney mostly, so by the time the concert rolled around, I felt pretty prepared. I was pleasantly surprised! There was quite a mix of people there: adults, adults with their kids, teens, smoking teens, and then… me and my friends, being those girls who were taking lots of pictures and dancing aggressively to most of the songs.

Photo: Maeve Reilly​


Ivie: When the first opener, Tyla Yaweh, came on, I didn’t feel super excited yet because I didn’t know any of his songs. I get it, it’s hard to be an opener for a major artist when you’re still an up and coming artist, so I give him props for trying his best to get the crowd excited. His music was good, but it just wasn’t my style. Then Swae Lee came on and I felt more excited because I actually knew his songs. I really enjoyed seeing his set and how excited he was to be there. 

Maeve: Remember the Broadway thing? Yeah, I was lost on the openers. Somehow my friends knew the music to both Tyla Yaweh AND Swae Lee but, confused little me used that time to text everyone asking what song they’d like to hear and I’d FaceTime them during it. Yes, I’m that concertgoer apparently. 



Ivie: When Post Malone came on, I was so excited and ready to belt his songs out at the top of my lungs. When he started playing his first song, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” I started feeling the entire vibe of the show. The overall vibe of the show was forlorn and wishful. At concerts, I like to let loose of everything that is going on in my life and just let the artist take me on a journey through their music. This concert was no exception at all and I distinctly remember his setlist being over in what felt like 10 minutes when in reality it had been almost an hour and a half. I loved being able to just belt out the songs at the top of my lungs and see such an amazing artist. 

Maeve: There’s really nothing like the pre-concert feeling. The moment right as the lights go off to when the performer takes the stage. Even as a half-hearted fan, the energy infected me too. Post took his sweet time getting on stage and he kept thousands in suspense for almost two minutes before emerging to “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” I was the most excited when I heard “Candy Paint” (one of those songs you forgot existed for a second just to remember how much you absolutely love it), and I freaked out every time a performer asked who came with their best friends and belted with the rest of the Pepsi Center at the acoustic version of “Stay.” For those who didn’t get to make it to the concert, see the setlist here and recreate it through your dinky little apartment speaker with your roommates. In all honesty, probably just as good.  

Photo: Ivie Maher


Ivie: I distinctly remember singing (basically screaming) along to: “Allergic,” “Wow.,” and “Go Flex” because they are some of my favorites.

Maeve: “I Fall Apart” and “Sunflower” were my favorites! Nothing like belting into not only best friends’ ears but also your camera that was recording the whole thing.


Ivie: Definitely “I Know” or “Ball For Me”! I love the sound of those songs and I think they would have been very fun to hear in person. But, I don’t think they would have gone with the overall sound of the concert because they are more pop, party songs.  

Maeve: I wish he played “Up There” or “I’m Gonna Be,” but I can imagine how difficult it is choosing a setlist when he has three albums worth of absolute bangers. Beggars can’t be choosers.   

Photo: Maeve Reilly​


Ivie: This concert is high on the list of favorite concerts because I can tell that so much work went into the entirety of the show. From the way the stage was set up, to the mood of the setlist, it was so fun. I would definitely go and see him again!

Maeve: If you ever have the chance to expose yourself more to a new artist, especially when your best friend is like, THE expert on them, definitely take it. It was so much fun to be there and create another fantastic memory with my besties. Oh, and I was wearing my Post Malone Crocs the whole time. With my fantastically comfortable concert shoe, I would 10/10 would recommend. 

Ivie Maher

CU Boulder '23

Ivie is a junior studying political science and business. She loves dogs, bunnies, and ice cream. She loves the outdoors and feels right at home here in the mountains. You can catch her cooking green bean casserole (her favorite), finding new music, or writing her newest article.
Maeve is in her last year as a Leeds School of Business student and as a Her Campus writer (sad). When she's not singing Disney show tunes while her roommates aren't home, she can be found thinking about the cold brew she had with breakfast, humming the Hamilton soundtrack, and thinking about Captain America.
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