Playlist Revival: Lets Get This Sourdough and Finish the Semester

An article for people on the hunt for new songs to get a break from the same 10 you listen to on repeat every day.

Five songs, diverse artists, differing moods. Lets go:


These songs are just too damn good not to share:



1. Cemetery- COIN 

THIS SONG. You guys. It is so good.  

Image Credit: Pinterest

Not only is does it have a gripping, catchy tune, but the lyrics also provide insight into the truth of consumerism and overworking. It discusses a man who “could never make time for his family,” and in true smart-ass millennial style the song states “but he is the richest man in the cemetery.” The lyrics provide a great reminder of what the actual important parts of life are.


2. Caffeine- Foreign Air

Image Credit: Sev Cities

Love is a drug, right? So, is caffeine? This song says love is like caffeine. Cheesy, but also pretty true. 


3. Sincerity is Scary- The 1975

Image Credit: The Guardian

Can this album drop already? (Its drops on FRIYAY) Another amazing song about some real emotional issues our generation faces today. Sincerity really is scary; its vulnerability and I think if one thing can scare the pants off of many young people these days, its well, vulnerability.


Poolside- BAYNK

Image Credit: Spotify 

I love summer. Love it. The holidays get me through some of winter, but after that? Seasonal depression.  This fun song takes me back to summer.  I can already imagine blasting this with the windows down as I drive home after getting wrecked by finals in May.


Evening Buffalo- Felix Snow

Image Credit: Napster

I am not sure how to describe this one except that it's bleepin' relaxing. Beautiful melody… Just give it a listen.


Best of luck to everyone with finals; you're going to do great! *heart emoji*